[Recap] Careers Expo 2019

Last Thursday, Secondary students in Year 10-12 were involved in the annual Careers Expo. This year’s Career Expo saw numerous representatives from various global universities and speakers from a range of professions join us here at AISHK, to give students insight into their chosen careers and the many opportunities available to our AISHK graduates around the world.

The Careers Expo is an important event held for our senior students to help them make informed decisions on both tertiary destination choices as well as giving guidance for their future career paths. Spread throughout the afternoon, students listened to industry insights from lawyers to toy manufacturers. With over 20 speakers attending, students had a wide variety of choices to choose from, including lawyers, admissions officers for various universities, journalists, veterinary scientists, university lecturers, CEOs and consulate officers. In addition to these speakers, many exhibitors had booths for students to discuss more about specific admissions inquiries and requirements.

Students were able to learn more about their options for tertiary destinations and career paths for their future through the very informative afternoon. Thanks to all speakers and representatives who gave up their valuable time to attend the Careers Expo.

Ian Pomeroy | Careers Advisor Kiely Murphy | Careers Advisor Anthony Murphy | Careers Advisor