Your Guide to 2019 Chinese Week Celebrations

At AISHK, we take a dynamic and inventive approach to language learning, equipping our students with the skills and cultural literacy to navigate and lead in a global community. Chinese (Mandarin) is compulsory for all students from Reception to Year 6, and becomes an elective subject from Years 7 to 12. The AISHK Chinese Programme ensures students gain a well-rounded appreciation of the culture’s literature, history, and geography through local and overseas immersion programmes and celebrations.

A major component of this cultural experience is our annual Chinese Week celebrations, which will be taking place from 3-6 June. With a traditional Lion Dance for a colourful start to the week, please find below a guide to our cultural festivities.

Monday | Lion Dance on the Field, 10:30am – Parents are welcome to attend

Tuesday | Primary Lion Dance Workshops in the Auditorium

Wednesday | Primary Chinese Cultural Activities

Chinese Costume Day
– Parents are reminded that Primary students may dress in Chinese clothing
Early Childhood Chinese Assembly, 8:30am  Parents are welcome to attend
Year 3 – 6 Chinese Talent Show in the Auditorium, 12:15pm – Parents are welcome to attend