Primary Peer Support Program – Session 3 & Session 4

This week in the Peer Support Session, ‘Types of Friends’ was the focus. In their vertical groups, students discussed common interests and explored what encourages them to form friendships with different people (common interests, admirable qualities etc). Through various activities the children identified that their friends can fall into the categories of ‘best friends’, ‘friends’ and ‘people we know’. Students also discussed the fact that friendships can change over time for various reasons. How can I support Session 3 at home? Discuss with your child the different friends they have in their lives and how friendships may change. Some friends may be more important at different times in their lives.

‘Being Supportive’ is the focus for Peer Support Session 4, 29 May. Next week children will be focusing on the importance of support networks and the role that friends play in each others lives. Children will construct a visual representation of this during the session. How can I support Session 4 at home? Encourage your child to identify friends they have who can provide support to them if the need arises.

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Kiely Murphy | Director of Wellbeing