[Head of Primary] Week 6 Update

Though we are nearing the end of Term 2, there is still a wide range of activities taking place across the Primary Division which have the students very excited about coming to school. Here is an update of our recent events and what is coming up for the remainder of this term.

Chinese Week: June 3 – 6
It is a very special time at AISHK next week with Chinese Week being the focus of the school. We want to celebrate Chinese language and culture and there are great activities for the students to engage in. Just a reminder that parents are welcome to attend:

The Traditional Lion Dance – Monday 3 June at 10:30am on the AISHK Field
Early Childhood Assembly – Thursday 6 June at 8:30am in the auditorium
Chinese Talent Show (Years 3-6) – Thursday 6 June at 12:15pm in the auditorium

On Thursday 6 June, all students are encouraged to wear traditional Chinese wear for the day. We hope everyone comes dressed for the day to celebrate the end of what will be a fantastic Chinese Week!  Please note that is not a mufti day so if students do not wish to wear traditional Chinese wear, they need to wear their school uniform for the day.

Australian Stories in Year 6
A buzz of activity has been echoing through the Year 6 classrooms as the students busily collate all of their hard work onto the much anticipated black presentation boards The process is long and certainly a learning curve in research, drafting, editing, planning, time management and presentation. With the primary school aligning our Human and Social Sciences Strand (HASS) to the Australian Curriculum, (ACARA), the students and teachers alike have enjoyed learning about Australians who have made significant contributions to Australia and the world. This change of topic from previous years has been to adhere to the ACARA Curriculum so that we off our students the full Australian Curriculum and set our students up for success if they ever do return back to Australia.  The Year 6 students are so excited about unveiling their hard work next week and showing the community what they have learnt. Reading their biographies and listening to them speak about their chosen person, it is clear that the Year 6 students are all certainly fountains of knowledge on their significant Australian. We have all learnt a great deal and discovered remarkable people who we were not necessarily aware of eight weeks ago. We hope to see many parents coming to the see the work displayed on Monday 10 June in the auditorium.

Over the past two weeks students in each Primary class have had the opportunity to visit the LEAP van which has been parked on the school field. LEAP stands for Life Education Activity Programme. The activities are facilitated by trained instructors and are supported by your child’s classroom teacher.  Within each year level, there is a particular focus which aligns with the Health component of the Australian Curriculum. Some of the topics covered include personal hygiene, healthy diet, friendships, our bodies systems, peer pressure, stress and making good choices. Our two Primary Health and Physical Education teachers, Mr Wookey (P-3) and Ms Spencer (4-6) have also spent some time in the LEAP van supporting student learning .You may want to ask your child what they learnt in the LEAP van, I’m sure each of them will have had the opportunity to meet Healthy Harold, a favourite of all visitors to the LEAP van. Within Australia, the Life Education Centres are also actively involved across states and territories, sharing exactly the same messages.

NAPLAN Assessments
This week, many of our students participated in the Australian Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). This a national assessment that takes place across all of Australia for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The students are assessed using common national tests in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Parents are provided with their child’s results compared against the national standard. As this is a paper assessment, parents and schools do not receive the results until Term 3. It is important to remember that any standardised assessment is a ‘snap shot’ of what a child can and can’t do and that it is not always indicative of a child’s capabilities. Sometimes, other factors such as being tired, not feeling well or misreading the question can influence the results of the assessment. It is always important to remember to consider NAPLAN results in relation to school reports and teacher feedback of how well students are going in class.

Spring Cup for Netball and Rugby in Beijing
We had many students from Under 11s to Under 15s representing AISHK in the Spring Cup in Beijing for Netball and Rugby last weekend. It was really pleasing to hear of the sportsmanship that took place and the general fantastic behaviour students showed both on and off the court/field. Along with that, we had some excellent results which included:

U15 Netball – Cup Winners

U13 Green Netball – 3rd place

U11 Green Netball – 3rd place

U13 Rugby – 3rd place

U11 Rugby – 3rd place

Congratulations to all of those students and thank you to our coaches who supported these students along the way.

Along with Chinese Week and Year 6 Australian Stories, we still have Spelling Cup (Years 3-6), Student-Led Conferences, Performing Arts Showcase to come for this term. It is always very exciting to hear about the great opportunities we enjoy, both in and out of the classrooms at AISHK!







Brendan Kean | Head of Primary