Early Childhood Swimming Carnival

On Friday 17 May, Early Childhood students enjoyed their first sports carnival for the year – The Early Childhood Swimming Carnival. Students took to the AISHK pool to showcase the skills they have honed over the last seven weeks of their swimming lessons, in a House-based competition.

This year saw all students compete in five to six events ranging from pool noodle races and dive bombing competition, all the way up to the 25M Freestyle and Backstroke, depending on the ability level of each student. This made for a very busy and exciting day, with up to 25 students swimming in events at once. The final event of each group was a class race which saw all members of a class swimming form one side of the pool to the other. This was a great display of energy and class spirit.

Congratulations to the following classes who won their divisions:

Year 2 M
Year 1 B
Prep S

All Houses are to be commended on their impressive swimming skills. The overall House scores are as follows:

1st Eucalypt
2nd Jacaranda
3rd Waratah
4th Wattle

Thank you to teachers and teaching assistants who organised students for the class races and to the Primary House Captains who assisted students in the water alongside Mr Eric Yeung and his Learn To Swim coaches. House pride was also well and truly on display throughout the day with much cheering and excitement, including our Year 2 students who made a special effort to make sure the younger classes had plenty of people there to cheer them on. A big thank you also to Mr Ohlson who did a fantastic job photographing the event.

Overwhelmingly, however, the group of people deserving the biggest pat on the back were our students. Determined and energetic throughout the day, students made the most of their time in the water whilst showing off their new skills. Their willingness to give events a go and to try their very best was clear and made the carnival run very smoothly with lots of smiling faces.

Congratulations and thanks to all for an outstanding effort and positive attitude, in some very hot and humid conditions, to ensure an enjoyable early Childhood Swimming Carnival.







Andrew Wookey| HPE Teacher