[Head of School Message] Melbourne and Sydney Alumni Events

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting alumni events in Melbourne and Sydney for past students, parents, Board members and staff. Both these events were very well attended and enjoyed by all.

I particularly enjoyed catching up with many of the 2018 graduates who attended. It was hard to recognise some of the students as the last time I saw them was in school uniform and they now all look so mature and grown-up.

I really enjoyed hearing about how they have successfully transitioned to university life in Australia and about the extremely wide variety of courses they are studying. They all felt that their experiences at AISHK had prepared them well for their transition to university and that the education they had received as international students living in Hong Kong was vastly different and far richer in many ways compared to their university peers who had been educated in Australia. It was really encouraging to hear that they all meet up regularly and have maintained strong connections with their AISHK classmates. I was really impressed by their maturity, their quiet confidence and their worldly outlook.

I had to laugh in both Sydney and Melbourne about the common complaints about public transport in Australia and the fact that they now had to look at a timetable before travelling and that they regularly had to wait for more than five minutes for trains and buses! How spoilt we are in Hong Kong. I was also very amused listening to some of the alumni students complain about how “quiet” Sydney and Melbourne can be, as they miss the pace of life in Hong Kong.

It was most encouraging to hear the alumni all speak so fondly of their time at AISHK, how much they enjoyed living in Hong Kong, and to see that many of them have made life-long friends from their time at AISHK.

All of these conversations reinforced for me how lucky our students are to attend AISHK, to live in Hong Kong and to have the lives they do.







Mark Hemphill | Head of School