Reception Newsletter, Term 1 Week 10

Welcome Reception Parents

We have successfully completed the first term in Reception and what a term it has been. We are fast becoming very competent learners, exploring the classroom and engaging in very meaningful play with our peers. Please take this time to rest, recharge and enjoy your time with your child over the holidays. We look forward to hearing all the adventures that a holiday brings when we get back in Term Two.

Our Learning

Who Runs Our School?

Over the last few weeks we had an opportunity to visit a few familiar people who help run our school. We often have Mr Hemphill, Mr Kean and Mrs Moore drop in and see us in our classroom, but we have not yet had a chance to see where they do all their work. So, we set off for our first visit down on the third floor where the main administration office is. We were greeted by the lovely Mrs Arnold who will always help us if you are running late for pick up and she directed us to Mr Kean’s office. We had an opportunity to sit on Mr Kean’s big chairs and ask him some tough questions like ‘What do you do all day?” and “Where is your computer?” Mr Kean kindly answered our questions and then it was onto Mrs Moore’s office which happened to be next door. It was now Mrs Moore’s turn to answer some very similar questions.

Our next visit was right to the top of the school on the ninth floor to visit Mr Hemphill. We were very excited to be up so high especially as it was the same floor as the swimming pool! We were quickly ushered into Mr Hemphill’s office and we listened to the different things Mr Hemphill does in running such a big place and with lots of people to look after. We are beginning to get a better understanding of who helps make our school the best place to learn and where they “live” during the day. Thank you for letting us come and peek inside.

Roof Top Garden

As part of exploring our school a little more, we had great time investigating the roof top garden. We took our snacks up to the roof of the ninth floor along with some bubbles and butterfly wings to enjoy the garden and stretch our legs on some real grass. We found the best rocks for jumping and climbing, a little water way that had puddles of water to jump over and some very long grass that was perfect for hiding in. After flying through the garden in our butterfly wings and blowing lots and lots of bubbles, we took out our snack and water to rest on the grass. We really enjoyed the challenges of running over uneven ground, bouncing over the stepping stones and following the winding path around the plants and bushes. We will definitively be back before the hot weather turns up.

Focused Learning

Over the last week I took some time to sit down with each child to ask how they were going in Reception. I asked them some questions such as, “At Reception I really like to…”, “I think I am really good at…” and “I enjoy playing with…” and I asked them to also draw their responses. During this process I was able to develop a further understanding and greater appreciation of what each child has experienced during our very busy first term. When you read the sometimes one-word answers, please look at their drawings as this is also another form of communicating through symbols. I was very happy that there was a strong indication that play was a very key aspect to what they like to do in Reception and is something that is very important to their learning and making sense of their world.

What Next?

At the start of each term the classroom will change a little to reflect the interests and needs of the children. When we come back there will be some changes in the classroom as I will be setting up a shop area for us to buy groceries and the kitchen will be moved outside. Thank you to the parents who bought in some boxes for us to use in the shop. Please enjoy the break and take the time to rest and recharge. We look forward to another busy term.