Year 11 Theory of Knowledge Excursion

How does information differ from knowledge? What factors limit our ability to understand? When do we know when something is true? These questions, and others like them, are considered by students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course. 

 On Friday 26thApril the ToK students took a short trip to Kowloon to investigate how information is presented in a range of situations. Working in groups, they visited the Science and History museums, the public library, Wing On department store and the recently reopened Avenue of Stars. They considered not only methods by which information is disseminated, but also the importance placed on knowledge in different locations. 

 On return to school, the students collaborated to create a short presentation on their findings and ideas. The visit provided helpful first-hand experience, which may be used in the assessment tasks later in the course. Thank you to all the students who attended for their enthusiasm and engagement. 

Mr Morgan and Mr Potts​