Year 11 Dives Into Ocean Park Physics Excursion

On Wednesday 3 April, a group of five Year 11 students, taking the HSC Physics course, travelled to Ocean Park with their teacher to improve our understanding in the world of physics and to test if the rides at Ocean Park really were as fast as they claimed to be.

We made our way through Ocean Park, measuring the time taken for the rides finish, calculated the potential energy that each cart had at specific times of the ride and even calculated the angle of which the cable car travelled at!

Through rigorous testing, we discovered that Ocean Park’s claims of the speed of their rides were not exactly as they seemed. Where, by our calculations, the actual speed of their rides was slower than what they claimed.

From this excursion, us students have gained a much more detailed understanding of the world of physics, seeing how it physics could be used, not only in our everyday lives, but how it can be used to create thrills for others.

On behalf of the students who went on this trip, I would like to thank Mr Foreman for helping us make this trip an experience we wouldn’t forget.

Elwood Fong | Year 11 Student