Secondary Interim Reports, Term 1

The Interim Reports provided this term to parents of secondary students (Years 7-11) will be via an on-line format loaded into the TASS Parent Lounge. The reports will provide indicators for each subject, covering the domains of ‘Learning Progress’, Student ‘Engagement’ and ‘Effort’. There is also a ‘request’ indicator for a parent/teacher meeting, should further discussion be desired.

For the previous years, we provided this interim commentary via the student diary, but in moving to a published form we hope to facilitate convenience and record keeping. Teachers will have had a conversation with the students about the ratings they are providing in each class.

The Interim Reports will remain available to you on the TASS Parent Lounge during the first semester. You will be able to view the report by following these steps:

  1. Log on to the AISHK Parent Lounge.
  2. Go to Academic Reports (on the left panel).
  3. Logout.

End of Term Activity Week Assembly

The secondary students have had an extraordinary set of experiences during their Activity Week courses this term. The creation and collation of their presentations is under way and we are set to enjoy them at our final assembly this Thursday 4 April from 9.00am-11.00am. You are most welcome to join us for the assembly and presentations in the Auditorium.

End of Term 1, Mufti Day

The primary and secondary students will enjoy the privilege of an end-of-term mufti day this week on Thursday 4 April. The students can come to school wearing neat, casual clothing and pay a $20 ‘penalty’ which will be donated to charity. Students must wear shoes and the mufti day dress code does not allow for beach-wear or fancy dress, makeup, wigs or costumes.

The designated charity for this term’s mufti day is the Sunsar Maya Foundation in Nepal.

Sunsar Maya runs SuMa After-School, which focuses on providing holistic care (academic, emotional, and medical support) to Nepalese children who have been orphaned or are living in extreme poverty. By providing children with the tools they need, now, they can find success in life and bring themselves and their future families out of poverty.

Thank you in advance for your support of the students of Sunsar Maya.







Howard West |
 Head of Secondary