[Head of School Message] Happy Holidays

As we begin our well-deserved April holidays, I encourage you to not totally plan every minute of your children’s activities.

My experience of working in international schools is that families have such exciting and action-packed holidays that students return to school exhausted and needing a holiday !

All family members need down time in the holidays and time to catch up on rest and sleep.

Leave some days in the break unplanned and let your children learn to occupy themselves. It is important that they learn to feel bored at times as life can’t always be exciting. One of the dangers of our current world is that our lives are over-programmed and children are not given the opportunity to engage in creative play and learn to occupy themselves.

Spend some time each day reading. As a parent it is important to role model reading to and with your children. If you never read for pleasure they will pick up on this.

Try to plan some technology free days in the holidays where everyone in the family agrees that they will detox from social media and technology for a day or two.

Buy a new board game for the holidays and play this regularly as a family throughout the holidays. Very few children (or adults for that matter) don’t’ like playing board games.

Most importantly, spend as much time as you can with your children as a family. Time spent together is precious and the most valuable gift you can give your children.

I hope that you all have a restful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday and safe travels wherever you plan to spend your time. I look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready to start Term 2.







Mark Hemphill | Head of School