[Event Invitation] AISHK to Participate in Preserve Planet Earth Forum

On Saturday 4 May, AISHK will be the venue sponsor for the 2019 Preserve Planet Earth Forum (run by the Rotary Club). The theme this year will be focusing on ways that we can reduce waste in our everyday lives.

There will be a lineup of experts who will be discussing current environmental issues along with proposed solutions. In addition, AISHK students will also provide their insight regarding the school’s recent changes to waste of energy, plastic, paper, energy and more.

The Preserve Planet Earth Forum aims to educate citizens into taking positive actions to make a difference to our environment both locally and globally.

The event will be held at our school on Saturday 4 May, 2019 from 2:00pm – 6:00pm.

To register your attendance, please complete the following online form.

Speaker lineup:

Plastic Dana Winograd, Plastic Free Seas
E-waste Nigel Mattravers, Alba Waste Management
Hidden cost of water Dawn Mc Gregor, China Water Risk
Textile/ fashion Nastasia Malatesta/ Lauren Boucher, Redress Hong Kong
Food Waste Gabrielle Kirstein, Feeding HK