Year 5 Newsletter Edition 4

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Year 5 Newsletter.

We are sure that this edition finds you both happy and relieved that your child survived camp. It was such a wonderful experience and the students will have many memories for years to come. We thank you for giving your child the opportunity to participate in this priceless learning experience. The students developed new friendships, established good routines and shared some great laughs, especially when working on their group skits which were showcased on the final evening.

As a follow up to camp, we will be having the students create a presentation around how they observed empathy, respect and inclusion taking place during their four days at camp. Every evening, the Camp Leaders spent time reflecting on the day and discussed how empathy, respect and inclusion were seen throughout the day. The children recorded these down in their Camp Journals.

These Camp Journals will assist the students in creating their final presentations which aligns with their weekly Health lessons with Ms Spencer. We are looking forward to sharing these with you in the near future.

Camp Photos

For those of you who were unable to access the camp photos on Instagram, please use the link below to request to follow our Instagram page. Then, email your class teacher to let us know who you are on Instagram so we can accept your request. Once accepted, you’ll be able to view photos and videos of our experiences.

There will be other photos sent out via Dhanara in the next week. Keep watch for these.



For the next fortnight, we will be continuing to focus on ‘reading for meaning’ and the students will be exposed to more, in depth non-fiction texts around the theme of ‘Light and Shadow’. It is important that you share some reading experiences with your child at home so that you can ask questions about any of their chosen texts. You can ask them to summarise the main facts or ideas of the page by using sentences starters such as; ‘The text is mainly about…’, ‘I learned…’, ‘The important details are…’. These conversations during and after reading will help your child determine the important parts of the text to better comprehend what they have read.


This week, the students will complete a writing piece which will allow them to implement all the writing skills learnt this term. These will include, a sizzling start to hook the reader, use of a variety of adjectives to describe both character and setting, dialogue to bring the characters to life and a build up of tension to keep the reader engaged. We look forward to reading these.


The students are using their acquired knowledge of volume, capacity and mass to correctly measure. They have been encouraged to record their data on a line graph and to use the correct formal units of measurements such as, ml, g, kg. Please encourage this language at home when cooking. Another way to promote this is by having the discussion around how much water is possibly used in the home during one day. Have your child think of ways they could possibly use these measurements tools.

Upcoming important Dates

School photographs

5A – Tuesday 26th March.

5P – Wednesday 27th March

5R – Friday 29th March

Sibling photos – Any parent wishing to make a booking for sibling photos can email the Primary Office. As these take place after school, parents are reminded that they will need to supervise their children.

Author visit – Morris Gleitzman – Tuesday 26th March

Primary Athletics Carnival – Monday 1st April

Last day of Term – Thursday April 4th (12 noon dismissal)

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a fantastic week.

Kind regards,

The Year 5 Team.