Year 4 Newsletter – Term 1 Week 6


We have continued our unit on ‘Word Play’ and we are now approaching spoonerisms. This directly relates to a major Year 4 ACARA outcome: Understand, interpret and experiment with a range of devices and deliberate word play in poetry and other literary texts, for example nonsense words, spoonerisms, neologisms and puns.  A spoonerism is when you transfer the beginning sound of two words to make a nonsense phrase – like ‘fordplay is won’ instead of ‘wordplay is fun’.  This form of word fun was created by Rev. Spooner who actually had many ‘slips of the tongue’ and thus this fun form began. You could ask your child to interpret some of these phrases: fighting a liar, sons of toil, know your blows, lack of pies or wave the sails.  

In Spelling this week, we have been considering the “i” sound (as in bit), which can be made in a variety of ways such as the i in igloo, the ui in build, the e in pretty and the u in busy. As always, in the homework, we have attempted to add relevance by asking students to find words with this sound in them.  


‘Lengthy Leaps” is our latest unit for Maths and it started off with measuring and entering in a table the length of four (plastic frog) jumps.  We will explore the ‘make a table’ method of problem solving, which not only serves to record data, but also makes it easy to see trends and patterns.  Accurate linear measurement will follow, along with place value to understand units of measurement. This should all be very relevant in our students’ lives during our Athletic Sports Day on 1st April.  

Our Leaders – SRC and EM representatives

We are so proud to introduce our new representatives for 2019.  These students will hold their post for the entire year and we thank them for their time and energy.

Student Representative Council:

4W Madeline Fung Angus Oxley
4B Violet Chaplin Sasha Pizzala
4S Hugo Louey Teresa Cheung
4Y Lachlan Boss Lachie McDermott

Environmental Managers:

4Y Grace Taylor Alice Weerappah
4B Thomas Boyd Alexandra Crawford
4W Madeleine Gething Lukas Henderson
4S Andrew Allison Lucas Davison

Typhoon Dismissal

We will soon be into typhoon season and to ensure the safety of our students, we need to know how your child will get home in the event of a typhoon in Hong Kong.  We note that many parents have not yet filled in this form, and we would request that you help us with this information ASAP. The form is online on the website under Parent Pack.  Scroll down to forms and it should be there.  Thank you!

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Thank you for coming to see us in Weeks 6 and 7.  It is really great to meet you and talk about your child in these early days, to create a strong start to the year in terms of their well-being and academics.  Yes, this is a time set aside to focus on the year ahead, but as always, if you want to contact us by email or make an appointment at another time, please don’t hesitate to do that.  

Suzanne Sinclair

Celestine Yeung

Susan Blumenthal

Mark Wnek