Year 2 Newsletter, Term 1 Week 8

Year Two News

As we approach the end of Term One, it’s amazing to think about how many things our Year Two students have already been involved with at school this year. We have had our first excursion, hosted an assembly, started our swimming program, enjoyed a fantastic Old Fashioned Games Day and more. Term Two promises even more wonderful experiences with Peer Support a great example of something that our Year Two’s really look forward to.

Students have now begun to use the See-Saw application in class, uploading examples of their learning and new knowledge from this term. We know that they are very excited to share their classroom experiences with their families and we are looking forward to launching See-Saw with our Year Two parents at the start of Term Two. Watch this space!

Next week, school photos will be taking place in the auditorium. Please see the schedule below for your son or daughter’s class photo day. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding photographs next week. House photos will be on Thursday 28th March. Regular school uniform should be worn for all photos.

2S Monday 25th March

2B & 2M Tuesday 26th March

2G Wednesday 27th March


In English, we have been looking at the structure of narratives. Students have been working really hard to create their own narrative pieces which include interesting adjectives, verbs and nouns. They have created some super stories!

Our phonics focus has been on the ‘f’ sound created using the graphemes ‘f, ff, and ph’. Through whole class work and Literacy rotations, students have learnt more about how these graphemes are used in words and expanded their vocabularies to benefit their reading and writing. You may see some examples of the new words they have been investigating in this week’s spellings.



We were amazed at some of the examples of arrays that students were able to find for homework last week! Using arrays to help us with multiplication has been very beneficial and this week we have moved on to division. Grouping objects has helped us to get started on the concept and we have also been investigating how we can again use arrays to solve problems, this time involving division.


Using timelines to organise historical events or changes over time, is a very important skill for our budding historians and we have been having a go at sequencing with timelines in class. As well as this, working on the skills of being a ‘researcher’ has been an ongoing focus. It’s amazing how much we can find out about the past when we know how to look at different resources and practise asking the right questions.

We have really enjoyed listening to student’s presentations on school life in the past, which they completed for homework this week. This has been another really important experience that has allowed students to find out more about how the ways in which we learn have changed over time.

Old Fashioned Games day proved to be a great morning for our students. Experiencing games that would have been played in the past really helped to solidify their understanding of how toys and games have changed over time. Looking at how changes in technology have impacted the games we play, has been an important part of our learning.

‘The games are a little different because they play a lot outdoors.  We do still play with skipping ropes and catching the chickens. So they are the same.’ – Jessie, 2G

‘I liked Kian’s mum’s old wooden car and I liked playing duck duck goose.’Aiden, 2G

‘I liked the toys on the hill because I liked how they were designed and how you played with them. You could sit and relax and enjoy the toys.’ Anna, 2S

‘I liked the toys on the hill too because they were more satisfying to play with than the toys you get today.’Max, 2S

‘I really enjoyed playing with the Japanese dolls because I could use my imagination.’Jacob, 2B

‘My favourite game was The Eagle and the Chick because you had to protect the chick and stay in line.’ Mia, 2B

My favourite game was the small games because it’s really special and I think they’re really adorable’Brianna 2M

I liked playing the rotten egg because it was basically a fun game that people played in the past’- Alwyn 2M