Year 2 Newsletter, Term 1 Week 6

As we pass the half-way point of Term 1, it’s wonderful to see how well students have settled into life in Year 2. Learning classroom routines and building self-management skills have been ongoing focuses for our students and they have been responding really well to new challenges and opportunities.

This week saw our first Mufti day of the year. Waratah students in Year 2 were really excited to come in wearing a variety of great outfits and everyone enjoyed the bake sale and sausage sizzle. Well done Waratah!

In our Health lessons, we have been learning all about different systems within the body. Students have really enjoyed working in groups to draw around each other before mapping, skeletons, muscles, veins and arteries. Year Two’s are learning so much about how the body works, as well as growth and change and we encourage you to speak to your son or daughter about their new knowledge.


In Maths lessons, we have been looking at doubles, near doubles, number bonds (friends of 10 and beyond) and have also had a focus on 2D shapes. Through a range of learning experiences, students have worked really hard to build on their understandings and you will see that this week’s homework will have content that allows them to demonstrate and build on their knowledge of shapes even further.


Learning about how to use nouns and verbs has been really beneficial to our students’ writing. Expanding their vocabulary with new and interesting verbs has had a great impact on their writing. Our phonics focus has centred on ‘oi, oy’ words. This week, some of your son’s or daughter’s spelling words will contain this sound. Students have also used their learning on Mem Fox to inspire their own narratives during writing time in class.


Students have been thinking of a variety of questions to help them learn more about lives in the past. In this week’s homework, you will find rich questions that they have come up with themselves. These questions are designed to help them find out more about the childhood of a family member. We are sure that they will promote great conversation at home.

As you will already know, we are hosting ‘Old Fashioned Games Day’ on Tuesday 19th March. This will be a wonderful opportunity for students to experience games that were played in the past. Looking at games from the childhood era of parents or grandparents will help them to learn more about how being a child in today’s world is very different from being a child in the past. We look forward to seeing many of you there.


We are now well underway with our swimming program and students have been excellent self-managers when changing before and after swimming lessons. We ask that you please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your son or daughter’s name as this will really help them to manage their possessions in the changing rooms.

If you have any questions regarding the swimming program, please email your child’s class teacher.