ONE WONDERFUL WORLD Year One’s Newsletter – 19th March 2019


Our Term 1 topic on Appreciation continues and we turn our focus on making connections between characters and the events in a story with those in our own lives. Students have begun reading Boo to a Goose (another tale by Mem Fox) and are investigating rhyme, repetition, as well as rewriting parts of the story. Children created a collage work imitating the illustrations in the book.


Thank you so much for your participation in our Parent Teacher Interviews. Sharing your knowledge and insight has been invaluable in helping us to better understand your children and provides the best supportive learning environment for each of them. Please continue to be in contact with your teacher on your child’s wellbeing and other things that may arise.


We continue with our first set of camera words:

want, many, some, love, one, has

and the phoneme /ee/, for words with the spelling ea, e, ee, & y.


A child’s life is full of wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn. As a reflection point for us all, when do you stop and play? This video is a beautiful way to explain a very important message about play for children.


Students continue their exploration of different ways to show their thinking when solving problems. Over the last two weeks, we have been investigating addition and subtraction. With subtraction, the learning intention is to familiarise the students with the concept of counting back and using everyday words such as take away and minus. You can practise this at home too, by asking “count back from 30, or make up a subtraction story like there were 12 frogs on a log and 4 jumped away, how many frogs are left on the log?


After exploring who we are as a person, we have been investigating what we could do in the past, what we can do now in the present and what we might do in the future. We have begun investigating different family structures and the roles within families and how these have changed over time.


Buddies is a wonderful opportunity for the students to interact with their peers in different grades. In Year One, the students have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their Year Six buddies through various activities. In some classes, our buddies have been helping us to create paper art and write matching rhyming sentences in the same format as ‘Boo to a Goose’ by Mem Fox. Some Year One classes have enjoyed finding out about the Science our Year Six students have been learning and testing their experiments too!


The students have confidently started their lessons and continue to develop swimming techniques suitable to their needs. We have asked the students to pack their own bags for swimming to help develop their independence and sense of responsibility. Your support with this is appreciated.


    • Week 9 – School Photos
      • 1B: Tues 26th March
      • 1M Mon 25th March
      • 1N: Tues 26th March
      • 1T: Fri 29th March
  • Week 10 – Last Day of Term, 12:00 pm dismissal, Thursday 4th April (mufti-day)

Term 2

  • Week 3 – Year One Mother’s Day event (information to come)

Warm regards,

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili