One Wonderful World – Term 1 Week 6


We continue exploring the focus question: What makes it good? with books by Mem Fox. We have now read Hattie and the Fox and looked at how repetition is used in text to make it enjoyable for children. Children have had an opportunity to explore retelling the story through drama and adding their own repeating expressions.

Camera Words

Our first set of camera words are:

want, many, some, love, one, has

We are studying the phoneme /ee/, for words with the spelling ea, e, ee, & y. You can help your child to find words in books they read that have long e and sort words with this sound and these spelling patterns.


Over the last two weeks children have looked at mathematical problems involving addition and subtraction. As children explore numbers they make greater connections and come to understand that 2 + 3 always equals 5. But this takes time and lots of repeated practice. Children have also been looking at place value and noticing that 2 digits when placed in different positions have different values. For example: 2 & 3 can be used to make 23 and 32. The place of the digits changes their value.


Many thanks for sending in baby items for the children to use to help them answer the focus questions of Who am I? and Who was I? These items helped the children explore the changes they have gone through over time and it was wonderful to listen to them sharing with the class. Children practised their eye-contact and expression of their voice to keep the audience engaged.

Teamwork Time

Teamwork tasks have been focused on recreating Hattie and the Fox, writing their own stories and creating time capsules. All of these projects allowed the children to work towards solving problems and collaborating, while at the same time adding to the core units of study in our other subjects. The students are beginning to recognise the importance of working together to complete each task set and have found ways to solve challenges.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

This week has seen the first of the parent teacher interviews. It has been a pleasure meeting with you and setting goals for the children’s success this year.


The children had their first swimming lessons and everything has gone swimmingly! Everyone has arrived at school ready to get in the water and the coaches have been impressed at how well the children are listening to instructions. Please remember that swimming is twice a week and that all swimming items are to be labeled. An extra snack on swimming day is also recommended.

Waratah Mufti Day

Waratah Mufti day was a success with many smiling faces enjoying hotdogs and baked goods. Many thanks to Waratah families for their support in providing the baked goods.

Important Dates

    • Week 6 and 7 – Parent-Teacher Interviews
    • Week 9 – School Photos
    • Week 10 – Last Day of Term, 12:00pm dismissal, Thursday 4 April (mufti-day)

Warm Regards,
Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili