[Head of Primary Message] Seesaw at AISHK

The excitement around the use of Seesaw has grown during Term 1, with Primary students and teachers beginning to use the online platform to share student learning.

We are pleased to announce that Seesaw will be open to Primary parents at the start of Term 2. More information on how to sign up to use Seesaw will be sent to parents via email by their child’s class teacher.

Seesaw is a tool which will provide parents with great insight into their child’s learning at school. Students will be able to share their learning from all classes on a regular basis with parents by posting on the Seesaw platform, giving parents an opportunity to comment and interact with their child in a safe and secure environment.  This online journal will provide parents with a closer connection to their child’s school life at AISHK.

In the meantime, please watch AISHK’s very own promotional video which features teachers and students sharing their experiences of Seesaw and how it will be used in Primary at AISHK.








Brendan Kean | Head of Primary