[Head of Primary Message] Primary Update Week 7

Primary Update

We have nearly come to the end of Term 1. It has been a very successful start to the school year with students coming to school looking happy and being engaged in the class. Today’s assembly, led by Prep students, showed how well they have settled into life at AISHK. They sang their songs beautifully and with great enthusiasm. We have our first primary camp for the year next week, with Year 5 students incredibly excited about their camp at Treasure Island. Hopefully, they will enjoy some good weather for the week! Please read below for more updates on the Primary Division.

Early Childhood Reading workshop

We have had a fantastic response to our Early Childhood Reading workshop with some 130 parents signed up for one of the two sessions on offer next week. This workshop will provide parents with an understanding of how children learn to read, how reading is taught at AISHK and how you can help at home. If you have not signed up yet and would like to attend, please click here to register for one of these sessions.

Please note that a Year 3-6 reading workshop will be held in early Term 2. More information will be provided at the start of Term 2.

Seesaw’ is Coming!

Parents may have heard their child or teacher talk about Seesaw, an online app that allows students to share their learning directly with their parents. It is an exciting and innovative way of personalising the sharing of students’ learning. Some parents utilised this platform year as we trialled it in various classes. All primary teachers are currently refining their skills to use it in the classroom with the students in the most effective and beneficial way. We will be launching Seesaw with parents at the start of Term 2. Stay tuned for information to come!

Health lessons

As a part of our school’s wellbeing focus, this year we have moved to a co-teaching model of Health lessons in Primary. This means the class teacher is teaching alongside our P.E teachers to explicitly teach our students about health. Some of the topics across the primary division include, growing and changing, what makes me unique, managing change and transitions and challenges. Students are really enjoying the lessons and benefiting from having two teachers working together to support the class.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

We have come to the end of our Parent-Teacher Interviews and the feedback has been very positive from parents and teachers. Parent-Teacher Interviews are an important form of communication with between home and school. If parents have not organised an interview with their child’s teacher, we encourage them to contact their class teacher. Outside of the Parent-Teacher Interviews, if parents have any concerns or questions about their child’s learning throughout the year, they are always welcome to contact their child’s teacher to meet with them.

Fortnightly Curriculum Newsletters

To help parents with consistency in communication, we have moved to all year levels sharing their fortnightly curriculum newsletters on Friday of even weeks. This way, parents will know when to expect the newsletter to come out from each year level. You will still receive individual emails from the class teacher with updates related to that year level or class that are generally non-curriculum topics (i.e. information about sports days, excursions, changes to timetables). We have also sent home a unit overview for each year level for Chinese language classes as well. This gives an overview of what is being taught in each Chinese language unit throughout the term. We aim to send out a newsletter at the start of each term for parents.







Brendan Kean | Head of Primary