Year Six Newsletter, Term 1 Week 3

Leadership and Energy in Year 6!

We have hit the ground running after the Chinese New Break, busily electing our House and Class Leaders and going on an excursion to the Tuen Mun CPL Power Station.

A big focus of this week has been Leadership and the opportunities for students who want to demonstrate their skills.  On Monday, Years 3 – 6 gathered in their House groups to watch engaging “Chat to Camera” presentations and vote for their 2019 House Leaders.  All nominees should feel very proud of themselves, they all spoke with zest, pride and plenty of creativity.   We would like to congratulate the following students:

Eucalypt House Captains: Flynn Mansbridge, Scarlett Arnold, Joe Cowen and Albert Wang

Eucalypt House Captains

Jacaranda House Captains: Cambel Oxley, Zac Louey, Sienna McCarthy and Dylan Voyles

Jacaranda House Captains

Waratah House Captains: Alice Harbottle, Ryan Liu, Abigail Robinson and Finley McRae

Waratah House Captains

Wattle House Captains:  Liam Clowry, Charlie Ware, Grace Arnold and Charlotte Christmas

Wattle House Captains

During the week, in class groups we voted for our Student Representative Council (SRC) members and Environment Mangers (EM). Also, to be congratulated in these positions are:

  Student Representative Council


Environment Managers
6A Michael Pearce

Lucas Shen

Annabel Spencer

Scarlett Ezekiel

6K Sarah Broderick

Royce Tong

Remi Apostolopolis

Rupert Manifold

6L Joshua Lam

Kellen Malan

Maxine Tsang

William Ellis

6S Thomas Gibson

Kylie Roberts

Cheyenne Liu

Ava Ki

Year 6 Energy Managers

All Year 6 students have an important role to play in the leadership of the Primary School.  Whether it is being a Library Monitor, setting or packing away playground equipment, working with their Year 1 buddy, leading our Jump Jam sessions or even helping out and being a role model during playtime; there are plenty of leadership opportunities in 2019.  We know our students will be exemplary role models.

As a part of our current Science Unit on Energy, on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 February Year 6 went on an Excursion to the Tuen Mun CPL Power Station.  The students looked at the many ways energy can be turned into electricity and were taken on a tour of the Power Station.  It was a very informative excursion and our students certainly gained a better understanding of the Electricity production process and the many ways in which it can be produced.  Lots of curious questions were being asked and answered:

I can’t believe the powerplant makes electricity for 3 million Hong Kong Households. (Milla 6S)

I never really thought about where electricity came from, it is incredible the size of the place (Andrew 6B)

There was so much coal!!! (Valerina 6S)

In PE, training for the Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals is well underway in PE and Sport sessions.  In ICT students have been learning about Cyber-safety and appropriate use of Social Media.  We encourage all parents to have discussions at home about the responsible and safe use of social media, including WhatsApp groups and how they should be used.

If you are interested in being a Class Parent Representative for 2019, we would love to hear from you as there are still some positions available. Please contact your class teacher.

Term 1 Diary Dates

Primary Leadership Assembly     Friday 22nd February @ 8:30am                  Auditorium

Parent Teacher Interviews           Week 6 and 7                                                     Sessions times to be announced soon

Waratah Mufti Day                          Tuesday 5th March

Primary Cross Country                   Friday 8th March

Year 6 Assembly                               Friday 22nd March                                            Auditorium

Primary Athletics Carnival             Monday 1st April                                               Ma On Shan


A reminder that the Beijing Cultural Tour runs from Sunday 13 October – Friday 18th October.


Teacher’s Contact Details (6A) (6K)  (6L) – Head of Year 6 (6S)

If you are interested in being a class representative this year, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact your classroom teacher.