Year 5 Newsletter Edition 2 Term 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our fortnightly newsletter. The students have applied themselves well after the CNY break and it was wonderful to hear stories of their holidays.

 In The Classroom


As part of our writing program, ‘Seven Steps to Writing’, the students have been understanding the importance of text structure and how to engage the reader. Last week’s homework task reflected this learning by asking students to choose a setting and write a ‘Sizzling Start’. As the term goes on, Year 5 will be creating texts for different purposes and audiences and will be encouraged to use ‘Sizzling Starts’ to always engage the reader and grab their attention. Please read below for some examples taken from various Year 5 classrooms.

It has been very rewarding seeing the students borrow a variety of books from the library. Some of these non-fiction books have been inspired by their wonderings from the Science unit about Space. All students have been taking their Library books home for reading and during reading sessions at school we have been focussing on comprehension. We have the children read a passage of text out aloud and then explain their thinking using the sentence starter, ‘I think that means…’. If you have a chance to listen to your child read at home, please encourage them to use this same sentence starter to show you their understanding.


iMaths has taken the students into the world of estimation and rounding of large numbers which aligns with our Space Unit. We have discussed place value into the hundreds and thousands and broken these large numbers down to really understand distance and scales between planets of our Solar System. The students have also used their multiplication skills and knowledge to build on their fluency when solving 4 digit multiplication problems. This week for homework, you would have seen your child partaking in word problems, which allow them to use their comprehension skills to break the problem down and their reasoning skills to explain how they found out the answer. Please continue to encourage your child to discuss their process, outcomes and answers with you. You can also ask them to show you any other ways to reach the same answer.

In the following weeks, there will be a variety of number fluency tasks which promote recall of number facts. Students will also explore worded problems in an effort to consolidate what has been covered in class.


We hope your child has been talking with you about space. In class, the students have covered what role the Sun and Moon play in our Solar System. We have thoroughly enjoyed having the students create wonderings and then to research these to improve their knowledge and understanding about their learning and to share these with their classmates.


 All parents have received an email from the Primary Office regarding our upcoming Camp in Week 8 of this term. A reminder that we will be holding a Parent Camp Information Session on Tuesday 5th March at 8:30am in the School Auditorium. Key staff members from the Treasure Island Group (the Lantau personnel organising group) will be present to facilitate this important information session. We hope many of you can attend. Other information can be found in the Camp Information document sent in the email.