Year 2 Newsletter, Term 1 Week 3

Congratulations to all of our Year Two students for their excellent assembly this morning. It’s clear that everyone has been working really hard during our first few weeks, learning skills that will set them up for a happy year. It has been wonderful catching up with our classes after the Chinese New Year Holiday and hearing about what everyone has been up to. Now we are excited to get back into our class routines and for the wonderful term ahead.


In English, we have been looking at books by the author Mem Fox. With a focus on character and setting, we have compared several stories including Possum Magic and Koala Lou. We have also looked closely at features of fiction and thought about factual elements that are sometimes included in stories.

In our phonics lessons, we have investigated the ‘r’ sound and how it can be represented in different ways by using r, rr and wr. Students have worked really hard to recognise and spell many new words containing this sound.


In Maths, we have been conducting investigations into place value. This means that we have been looking at what each digit in three digit numbers represents. We have broken numbers apart into units, tens and hundreds and looked at different ways numbers can be represented using different materials.

We have also been looking into seasons, months of the year and how to use calendars. Through discussion and hands-on activities, students have been looking at how to extract information and locate dates in a calendar.


This week, we defined what the term ‘History’ means. After brainstorming our initial ideas we went on to think about the role of a researcher and how people can find out about the past. Our lessons in the library with Mrs Atkins helped us to understand how we can use photographs to find out about how people have lived at various times in the past.

Thank you to students who have brought in ‘old fashioned’ toys for us examine. There is still plenty of time to bring in more artefacts and we promise to take good care of them!

Next week’s excursion to the Hong Kong History Museum will be a great opportunity for us to look at other resources we can use to find out about the past.


Today will be the first time that Year Two students bring home homework. We understand that this will be a new routine for them and we ask you to let your son of daughter’s class teacher know if they face any particular challenges. The homework will always be related to our learning in class so students will be tackling topics that they are already familiar with. Homework will be distributed on Friday every week and should be handed in on the following Thursday.

Chinese homework has also begun to go home. If you have any questions related to Chinese homework specifically, please contact your child’s Chinese teacher directly as they will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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