Year 7 News – Week 3 Term 1

Study Skills:
On Friday in week 3, we held a study skills session with all of Year 7 in which we went through the S&S.  Each student was presented with two copies of this document and they have clearly identified which assessment relates to them.  One copy of this is folded and has been placed on the inside cover of their school diary.  Whilst the other copy has been sellotaped to the inside of their school locker.

Large Laminated Term Planner:
Each student was presented with a large laminated term planner.  This is for them to take home and hang somewhere visible.  They have been advised to write in all their assessments for the first term.  Time management is one of the most important skills your child will have to deal with during secondary school.  For many, it does not happen overnight.  I along with all of the Year 7 teachers will do our best to help them develop these skills and if parents can also be vigilant at home, we will hopefully provide an environment in which your child can achieve their personal best.

We finished the week off we some thrilling games of House basketball.  The 6th floor gym was alive with energy and the noise was cascading around the hall.  It appeared that everyone had a lot of fun!







Ian Nelson | HSIE Teacher and Head of Year 7