Year 12 – The Sky’s The Limit

This time of year is an important one for our Year 12 students who are now really finalising their post-school plans. Over the next few weeks, each student will have an informal interview with their Careers Advisor to discuss their current plans. This will be followed with a more formal interview (to which you as parents will also be invited) in Term 2.

To coin an old cliché, the sky really is the limit for our talented Year 12 cohort this year, so we have encouraged them to share their plans with you as parents, partly out of respect, partly because you care so much, but also because you may be picking up the lion’s share of the bill as they move on to the next phase in their lives!

At this stage of the year, students often change their mind and this is all part of the decision-making process. For instance, a Careers Advisor this week had a positive conversation with a Year 12 student who had recently realised that their passion was to be a primary school teacher. This was a real shift in direction for this student and when we spoke about our pathways into teaching and encouraged the student to go and talk to a few of the AISHK primary teachers about how they got into education, the student’s face lit up and they said that they hadn’t realised just how many options there were for them: a subject specialist degree, a joint degree with education, an education degree, a postgraduate diploma, etc, etc. Our job is to help this student find the best pathway for them right now, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t change their mind in the future.

Careers in the 21st Century will place much more of an emphasis on transferrable or enterprise skills, so here at AISHK we try to equip our students with these so that they are ready to flourish in whichever workplace or study arena they choose. We want our AISHK graduates to be able to navigate what will most likely be a less rigid and more fluid career pathway.

We look forward to having more of these productive conversations with Year 12 students over the next few weeks, and involving you as parents more formally in Term 2.

University Visits to Hong Kong

The university visit season is already upon us, with a large number of overseas universities coming to visit us, either here at school or at larger exhibitions for the wider Hong Kong Community. Below is a list of upcoming visits and links where relevant.

Student Lunchtime Talks @ AISHK

19th Feb – The Hotel School of Sydney & Melbourne
21st Feb – Monash University Criminology lecturer (during Year 11 Science lesson)
21st Feb – University of Kyoto (Study in Japan talk)
25th Feb – La Trobe University

Exhibitions/University Fairs in Hong Kong
23-24th Feb – UK Universities Exhibition at Hong Kong Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai 

15th March (2.30 – 5.00pm) Canadian International School Higher Education Fair, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island. Details to follow.

Summer Schools

One of the advantages of our southern hemisphere academic year is that students have a mid-year vacation. There are many providers offering Summer Schools to students at this time, and we will provide links to these whenever we feel that they are relevant to our students.

Please note that students should not miss school days to attend these Summer Schools, but if the dates align with our school vacations, these can provide some fantastic opportunities for students to develop interests, skills and relationships at Higher Education institutions in countries around the world.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business Summer Camp 2019
July 11-14

Cornell University Summer Schools (New York State)

Careers Advisors Contact Details

Finally, you can always contact your son/daughter’s Careers Advisor by emailing us at

Ian Pomeroy | Careers Advisor Kiely Murphy | Careers Advisor Anthony Murphy | Careers Advisor