[Head of Secondary Message] Scholars Assembly

We welcomed twelve of the graduating class of 2018 as AISHK Scholars during secondary assembly on January 30th. They were students who achieved highly in their public examinations, either HSC or IB.

The Scholars for 2018 are:

Kaitlyn Buffon, Caleb Chow, Adeline Chuah, Phoebe Coogans, Adrian Leung, Sonya Li, Wendy Liang, Henry Loui, Claudia Ng, Ho On Tam, Janine Tsoi, Carson Young.

Both Caleb Chow (HSC) and Ho On Tam (IB) were recipients of the Tom Corkhill Trophy for the highest grade-accumulation achievement in their respective examinations.

The criteria for induction as a scholar are, for the HSC:

Only the highest level for any course is to be considered, such as advanced or extension subjects; At least two band 6/Ext 4 outcomes; And no outcome less than a Band 4/E2 in any subject; An ATAR rank above 90.

For the IB, they are: An overall score of 40 points or above; At least 3 Grade 7 outcomes, two of which must be at Higher Level study; No outcome less than Grade 5 in any subject; An ATAR rank equivalent above 90.

In addition, there were thirty students who were awarded certificates for achieving the top band or points level in one or more subjects. Those students were:

Robert Ashby
Jessica Botfield
Chloe   Chan
Victoria Kwong
Hayley Rogers
Justin Trent
Theodore Vasilopoulos
Olivia   Vasilopoulos
Serena Walsh
James Wang
Ronald Au
Annabel Cohen
Jonathan Chan
Zachary Chu
Simona Ho
Arnold  Kam
Vanessa Leung
Elodie Lunt
Stephanie Norton
Emma Pittman
Morgan Sanders
Anson Sieu
Sarah Steadson
Edmund Sze
Calvin  Tang
Marc Vermeulen
Andrew Yick
Elly Yiu
Johnny Yuen

Even though these students are deservedly proud of their achievements, they are not known to us as a number or a grade, but rather as engaged students and excellent role models who were actively involved in school life and all its attendant successes.

They certainly are exemplars for our students.







Howard West | Head of Secondary