Sibling Applications – 2020 Reception and Prep

We accord siblings of enrolled students the highest priority on the waiting list.  If you have a child due to start Reception or Preparatory in 2020, you need to submit the application by Friday, 1st March in order to receive the sibling priority on our waiting list.

Please note for those siblings intending to apply for Reception 2020, the application date can affect the application’s preference for morning or afternoon Reception class as it is allocated based on application date.  Sibling priority does not give you automatic right to your choice of class.  Earlier applicants are usually offered their first choice of class.

We are accepting 2021 applications now and will accept 2022 applications from January 2020.

If you have any questions regarding sibling applications please contact the Admissions Office and we will be pleased to assist you.







Lynette Wong | Head of Admissions