Welcome to Year Six!

The Year 6 Teachers would like to extend a warm welcome to our students and families for 2019! We hope and trust that every individual will enjoy a successful, exciting and fruitful year of learning!

We are delighted to welcome Mr Joshua Aghion to AISHK with Miss Emma Knight and Mr Chris Sheahan joining Miss Lynda Lemmon to make the Year 6 team for 2019. Logistically 6A, 6L and 6S will be on the 5th floor and 6K will be on the 3rd floor. Rest assured that the students on the 3rd floor will not feel left out!

At this early point in the year, we frequently talk to our students about what it means to be a leader. Every student in Year 6 has the opportunity to build on and demonstrate their developing leadership skills. There are Semester 1 House Leaders, Peer Support leaders, Buddies, Student Representative Council, Library Monitors, the Environmental Committee and on a daily basis our students will be seen as the ‘leaders of the school’. They will be involved in helping others and will certainly be looked up to and respected by all of those in the younger years. Our children are encouraged to be confident in their abilities and excited about their potential.

A particularly important aspect of leadership is the example that we set for others. Students in Year 6 are asked to model outstanding habits and behaviour to our younger students. This includes showing respect for their peers and teachers, greeting adults as they pass them in the corridor, helping younger students who might need assistance on the playground and of course adhering to classroom and school rules including uniform regulations.

Messages to parents regarding class events and routines, will be shared through student diaries, email, our Online Learning Platform and Google Classrooms. We look forward to working together with you to assist our students in rising to the challenges of Year 6.

Term 1 Diary Dates

Welcome BBQ Friday 25th January @ 4.30pmSchool Field
Parent Information Night Thursday 31st January @ 6:30pmAuditorium
CLP Energy Excursion 6A & 6L Tuesday 12th February
6S & 6K

Wednesday 13th February
Primary Leadership Assembly Friday 22nd February @ 8:30am Auditorium

Computers and helping kids stay safe online

All Year 6 students should have received their computers by now and whilst this is always a very exciting time, some safety tips and reminders are always necessary to set boundaries. We encourage you to go through the Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy provided in the Student Diary (pages vii and viii) and discuss with your child the information provided. It is also important they understand what is expected from you and the school and have them sign the relevant section on page vii. We kindly ask that this be done by Friday 1st February.

Over the next few weeks all children in Year 6 will be also working through a series of modules designed to help them stay safe whilst using their computers and other technology.

The eSmart Digital Licence is a fun way for children to prove their knowledge of how to best use technology and be safe online. It includes questions regarding mobile phones, social networking, viruses and spam, email, dealing with trolls, sending images, and lots, lots more. Below is a snap shot of the types of content the children will be working through.

Seeking Parent Class representative

If you are interested in being a class representative this year, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact your classroom teacher.


Teacher’s Contact Details

joshua_aghion@aishk.edu.hk (6A)

emma_knight@aishk.edu.hk (6K)

lynda_lemmon@aishk.edu.hk  (6L) – Head of Year 6

christopher_sheahan@aishk.edu.hk (6S)