Year 5 Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

Welcome to the first edition of our Year 5 Newsletter for 2019. We have been ever so impressed with the students’ resilience and responsibility since starting back to school. They have been involved in both individual class and House Group activities which have allowed them to connect as a whole cohort. These experiences have seen our new Year Fives off to a great start to the 2019 school year. The teachers and fellow class mates have discussed each other’s strengths and areas for development, along with characteristics that make us unique.

 ‘From The Horse’s Mouth’

Please read below for some comments and highlights from the 2 weeks of Year 5 in 2019.

The first day I came into my Year 5 class I was super scared but I was welcomed by my teacher and friends.’ – Mila 5B

‘On the first day of Year 5 I was nervous so I asked my sister and she told me it was the best year. I was happy once I met my teacher Mr Picker.’ – Thomas 5B

 ‘I really like my new class and learning new things especially about Space.’ – Melina 5R

I am enjoying my new school. The people are really welcoming and I like using a laptop and playing on the new field. I am finding everyone is inclusive and caring.’ – Harrison  5R

‘My highlight of Year 5 so far was probably when we did the space assignment and we got to write everything we know about space. I’m really interested in this field and so is my friend Teariki. We found out a lot of stuff by talking to each other about space. I learnt from him and he learnt from me.’ – Felix 5A

‘Walking into the Year 5 classroom I was worried, would I have friends? If I had would they play with me and talk to me? But when I walked in I knew I was going to be ok. I saw Gabi, Skyla and Jade, all such great friends kind and good people. I knew I would have a great year with them. When I went down to recess on my first day I saw old friends and chatted with them we had a good time, I was happy. I hope that it will last all year because I have great friends and a great teacher.’ – Ashling 5A

‘I definitely enjoyed my first week at AISHK. I made some new friends, Eloise and Ciara. I really enjoyed my PE class with Miss Spencer. I’m really happy to join 5P and Mr Price! I am excited for what the rest of the year will bring.’ – Bridie 5P

 ‘I loved the first week of school. I love having nearly all of my friends in the same class. In English, we are working on narratives. I love writing so it was so fun to write the story about my life. But my favourite thing was math. It is a bit more of a challenge, but I still think it’s pretty easy. I love our class, 5P!’ – Aiden 5P

Australia Day Activities

On Thursday the 24th of January the students worked in their House Groups on various art activities themed around Australia Day. These included designing an Australian flag, learning how to dot paint, design a swimsuit/pair of boardshorts and even paint an Australian animal using Vegemite. Please see photos below for a few examples.

Parent Information Evening

Thank you for those parents that attended the Parent Information Evening on Thursday night. It was lovely to see some new faces and to answer some of the questions about life in Year 5. We hope it was beneficial. More information about camp will follow. If you were unable to attend, please see link below for the PowerPoint which was used. If you have any questions then please feel free to email and ask.

Year 5 Parent Info Evening PowerPoint

Class Parent Representatives

Each year, every class asks for 2 parent volunteers to be the Class Parent Representatives. If you are interested in doing this, please email your child’s class teacher. We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Year 5 Camp Information Evening

On Thursday 28th  February, time TBC. We will be holding a Camp Information Evening. This will be held in the Auditorium and will be hosted by a representative from Treasure Island. They will be able to answer any questions you have about our upcoming Outdoor Education experience. Please let your child’s class teacher know if you can attend.

Important calendar dates;

19 – 22 March – Year 5 camp

25 – 29 March – School photos

4 April – Last day of term (half day


We look forward to being part of your child’s learning journey this year.

Kind regards,

The Year 5 Team


Mr Benjamin Picker

Ms Olivia Ashton

Mrs Joanne Reed

Mr Matthew Price