Year 2 Newsletter, Term 1 Week 1

The Year Two Team, consisting of, Mr Bird, Mrs Botfield, Mrs Maclay and Ms Stewart would like to welcome you to what promises to be a wonderful year of learning and excitement for our Year Two students. It has been great fun, this week, getting to know our fabulous new Year Two cohort. We have also been delighted to meet with many parents. We are really looking forward to working in partnership with our parents to provide an enjoyable learning journey for all of our students this year. We strongly encourage you to attend our Parent Information Evening next week, where we will be covering topics such class routines, the curriculum, homework, diaries, communication and dismissal. If you were unable to attend this evening, you will be able to access information from the session through the OLP.

During our first week of school, we have had a strong emphasis on building positive relationships. This is in line with our school theme for 2019. Students have also engaged in activities that promote collaboration, active listening skills and resilience. Establishing classroom routines and expectations has also been very important in setting everyone up for a positive and successful year.

Meeting new teachers has been a highlight with Mr Wookey taking students for their first PDHPE lesson and Mrs Hunt welcoming Year Two’s to the Art room. Contact details for class and specialist teachers can be found in this newsletter.


My Week 1 Highlights!

‘I really enjoyed using the library.’ Katie, 2B

‘There were lots of fun things to do, like going on the computers and having our class photo.’ Jake, 2M

 ‘When we played guessing games in Maths.’ Finn, 2S

‘I liked doing Art in the Art room’ Bella, 2G

A Few Reminders


Early Childhood Assemblies this year will be held at 8:30am on Fridays of Odd Weeks. Year 2 will be hosting the first assembly for the year on Friday 15th February. We kindly invite you to attend and look forward to seeing you there.


Please ensure that all items of your child’s uniforms are clearly labelled. On Sport days (every Tuesday) your child should come to school in their house sports uniform. On your son or daughter’s PE day they can come to school wearing either their white PE shirt or coloured house shirt.


Please refer the Parent Pack to complete the ‘Typhoon Dismissal Form’ as this year it is to be filled out online. A form that does need returning to your class teacher is the ‘Local Excursion Form’ which can be found on the Parent Pack on the school website.


Our history focus this term will fall under the heading of ‘Live, Learn, Play’. Students will be investigating the lives of children in the past with a strong focus on people in their own families. If any parents have toys or artefacts from your own childhood that you are happy to loan to your child’s class teacher, we promise to take care of them!

Reading At Home

Homework will begin coming home after Chinese New Year. In Year 2 we are helping our students to develop good routines and work habits in the lead up to taking homework home. We will also be working one to one with your child to assist their growth in the areas of fluency, accuracy, and in different strategies to assist them sound out new and tricky words. One of the most important skills that your child will be developing this year is the ability to comprehend what they are reading. We ask you to encourage questioning before, during and after reading and to discuss the key points of the text that they have just read. Children will start taking home class readers from next week onwards and will soon be choosing library books to take home as well. It is important that you foster the love of reading and have them choose books/texts that interest them. Have them read aloud, read to them to model good fluency and have discussions to find out what they have understood. As the term continues, we ask that you have a conversation with your child about what strategy they may be working on in class.

Important Dates

Welcome BBQ Friday, 25th January, AISHK Field
Parent Information Evening Tuesday, 29th January, 6:30pm Auditorium
Chinese New Year Holiday 2nd – 10th February
Year Two Assembly Friday, 15th February, 8:30am Auditorium


Class Teacher Contact Details


Specialist Teachers

Visual Art Teacher:

Physical Education Teacher:

Library Teacher:

Music Teacher: