Welcome to Year 9!

The beginning of the school year is a time for welcoming many things. We welcome new students and their families, New Year’s resolutions to achieve personal goals, new staff, and new beginnings. In Year 9 this year, we have a number of ‘welcomes’ to make…

Firstly, a warm welcome to our new students and their families. This term we have James, Alannah, George, Michelle and Taro joining our Year 9 community from schools both within Hong Kong and abroad. We look forward to getting to know each of these students and hope that you enjoy your new beginning at AISHK.

This year, Wattle (9W) will also welcome a new Home Room teacher. With an increased teaching load and responsibility, Mr Mui has stepped away from his Home Room duty and we are now joined by Mr Benjamin Foreman. Mr Foreman is a Science Teacher specialising in Physics and will be teaching Years 8, 9, 11 and 12 this year. He comes to us from Eden School in Singapore after having completed his teaching degree at UNSW in Sydney. We warmly welcome Mr Foreman to the team and know that he will enjoy his time with us at AISHK.

Another new and exciting beginning is the step into the world of elective subjects. This term, Year 9 will get to begin their elective courses and they will continue to enjoy these classes 5 times a fortnight throughout this year and next. These courses aim to give students greater insight into more specific subject areas and allow students to develop their passions and interests. Should you have any concerns about the subjects your child has chosen in the next few weeks, please feel free to contact me or Secondary Dean of Studies, Mr Chris McCorkell.

We also welcome the challenges brought about by the Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) program that Year 9 students will embark upon in the next few weeks. Born out of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the AYP’s aim is “to provide opportunity for young people to challenge themselves through leisure activities and voluntary service which they can discover their hidden abilities and gain a special sense of satisfaction and achievement”. To complete their Bronze AYP, Year 9 students will complete four sections:

  1. Service: To learn how to give useful service to others
  2. Skills: To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills
  3. Expeditions: To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery
  4. Physical Recreation: To encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance

These skills are not only a mandatory part of the AYP program, they are often crucial to a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle. Though the program will bring its own personal challenges to our students, I look forward to the immense growth that it will also encourage in each and every student. If you would like more information about the AYP, you CLICK HERE to visit their website. Alternatively you may choose to email me or Drew Skellern, the school’s AYP Coordinator.

Finally, I would also invite you to welcome the new Year 9 Website. Designed to be a portal for sharing the admin and activities of Year 9, I will aim to update it as often as possible. On the website you will be able to find everything from photos of your child, to the soft copies of forms that need to be handed in. I have created a page that includes lots of useful links to encourage healthy and productive study habits and I will also be sure to put all the relevant information about Activity Week up there. The website is a private Google Site and will only be accessible by parents and students of Year 9. CLICK HERE to start exploring this new resource!

With all the welcomes out of the way, let’s get on with 2019! I look forward to another brilliant year with this wonderful bunch of students and, as always, if there is anything that you would like to chat about you can drop me a line or come and visit me in the Performing Arts Office.







Elise Kelly | Music Specialist and Head of Year 9