Welcome to Year 7!

Settling In

Year 7s have hit the ground running this week with the start of life in secondary school.  They are adapting well to the new times and routines, the variety of subjects, the different teachers, and changing of classrooms every 55 minutes.

Paper Cups

On Wednesday, Year 7s went Paper Cup Crazy in school whilst taking part in team building games.  By working in small teams, they were actively developing their listening, leadership and creativity whilst strengthening their bonds with their peer group.

Jump Jam

It was nice to see that the Year 7s have not forgotten their primary roots.  On Friday numerous Year 7s took part in the Jump Jam demonstrating their leadership skills, sense of fun and commitment to the whole school.

Year 7 Parent Night

I look forward to seeing you at the Year 7 Parent Night at school on Wednesday 30th January starting at 6:30.







Ian Nelson | HSIE Teacher and Head of Year 7