Careers Corner

There will be some exciting changes to Career Development support and guidance for students at AISHK in 2019. Career Development at AISHK is provided in the form of career counselling and advice offered to students as they move through their Secondary years, and becomes increasingly important as students move towards the transition from school to tertiary education and/or the workplace.

The services provided evolve as students mature and get closer to making subject choices that are in line with their future education and career aspirations.

In recognition of the growing importance of Career Development and the increased focus on Student Wellbeing at AISHK, from 2019 there will be three Careers Advisors working with Secondary students. The Careers Advisors are Mrs Kiely Murphy, Mr Anthony Murphy and Mr Ian Pomeroy. Each student will be allocated a Career Advisor in Year 9 who will support them in all aspects of Career Development as they move through their upper Secondary years. This is an exciting new era of Career Development at AISHK and the Careers Advisors look forward to providing a bespoke career counselling and advice service with Student Wellbeing and positive relationships at the forefront.

Services provided in Years 7 to 9:

Assessment of the relevance of each subject across the curriculum and discussions on possible career pathways in the context of the units being taught.

Services provided in Years 10 to 12:

All students attend a Tertiary Expo and a Careers Expo. This will be followed up by discussions with their homeroom teacher.

All students do two weeks of work experience in a field of their choice in Year 10.





Services provided Year 10:

Participation in a work education program that allows students to explore varied careers choices in detail. Work experience includes starting a career portfolio – an eight (8) hour program.

Individual interviews and career profiling when students are helped with their subject selection and possible career choices.

Services provided Years 11 and 12:

Individual career meetings with our Careers Advisor, aiming to set career goals within the AISHK Pastoral Care Program.

Group meetings on planning for life after graduation including applying for university courses, gap year options and actioning other career choices.

Services provided Year 12:

Individual meetings to discuss post-school options. Assistance with developing a plan of action. Focused assistance with applications for university courses and other tertiary studies at educational institutions.


We believe that this enhanced level of individual provision, support and guidance in Career education is a key element in sustaining Student Wellbeing and preparing and empowering our students to successfully move from AISHK to further education, training, or employment.

We will be communicating with the students in Years 9 to 12 separately over the next week or so, to inform them which one of us will be their allocated Careers Advisor, and are really looking forward to working with them over the course of 2019 and beyond.


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