Success at the 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Towards the end of term last year, 36 students from the Primary Division participated in the 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Mandarin and Cantonese Speech).  This prestigious event held by the Hong Kong Schools Speech and Music Association (HKSAMA) provides an opportunity for our students, about half of whom are learning Chinese as a second language, to compete against other students from local schools throughout Hong Kong.

Students were required to deliver either a selected poem or prose and their performances were judged based on the following criteria:

  • The delivery of speech
  • Fluency
  • Arrangement
  • Pronounciation

Our students showcased their talent, and their hard work was proved to be worthwhile as demonstrated by their remarkable results. In particular, Teariki received 2nd place in Year 3/4 Boys Verse Speaking category, Tiffany Chan received 2nd place in Year 1/2 Girls Verse Speaking category, Chole Luk received 3rd place in Year 5/6 Girls Verse Speaking category, Jaimie and Isla  received 3rd place respectively in Year 1/2 Girls Verse Speaking category.

Also congratulations to the following students:

Mandarin Speech – Rainy Lai (Merit), Ruby March (Merit), Jasper Palfrey (Merit), Ashley Liu (Merit), Hayden Fung (Merit), Mila Zervaas (Merit), Dorothy Wang (Merit), Isabelle Ambrens-Barnes (Merit), Ethan Chan (Merit), Alex Camilleri (Merit), Lucas Davison (Merit), Jeremy Cheung (Merit), April Bainbridge (Merit), Heidi Bates (Merit), Ella Macmillan (Proficiency), Elizabeth Hyland (Merit), Ashley Chan (Merit), Jessie Leung (Merit), Imogen Atkins (Merit), Silvia Lee (Merit), Teresa Cheung (Merit), Dylan Davison (Merit),​ Cedric Chui (Merit), Lillian Pilgrim (Merit), Maria Mang (Merit), Breah Konstas (Merit), Asheley Ware (Merit), Jeffrey Cheung (Merit) and Megan Bates (Proficiency)

Cantonese Speech – June Wong (Merit)

A special thanks to Ms Joy Chung (Zhong laoshi) and Ms Judy Kuang (Kuang laoshi) for assisting with speech training for some of the students.







Winnie Yung | Chinese Language Teacher (Primary)