[Head of Primary Message] Welcome Message

What a fantastic start to the school year it has been in the Primary Division. The students have bounced through the school gates with enthusiasm to start a new school year.  Our new students have settled in very well and that has a lot to do with the caring culture that exists amongst our students.

We know in education that when students feel safe, happy and comfortable at school, they are more likely to enjoy and learn better at school. All students want to have positive relationships with their peers and teachers. As a result, the teachers have spent the first week of school building positive relationships with teacher-student and student-student. The focus has been on getting to know the students as well as building a positive culture in the classroom.

We know when we focus on the wellbeing of our students through relationship building, they are more likely to flourish in the classroom. It is all about getting the right ‘balance’. I am looking forward to an exciting year for our students and getting to know our new families at AISHK. As I still feel like I am getting to know the families of AISHK, please come and introduce yourself to me if I have not had the chance to meet you. Hopefully I will see many parents at our two information nights next week on Tuesday 29 January (Reception – Year 2) and Thursday 31 January (Year 3 – 6).

“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”







Brendan Kean | Head of Primary