[Student Report] Silver AYP Hiking Expedition

Over the past 2 weekends, a group of Year 10 students embarked on challenging Silver AYP hiking expeditions. The main difference with Bronze and Silver AYP is that Silver required more independent navigation and less assistance from staff. While most Year 9’s would gawk at the idea of another AYP hike, the 14 of us decided that this would be a worthwhile challenge which would not only benefit us with survival skills, but be a fun experience.

Our practice hike occured from the 22nd to 23rd of November and the actual hike from the 29th of November to the 1st of December, where we hiked through the terrains of the Sai Kung and Ma On Shan district, admiring the natural beauties of Hong Kong which are often overshadowed by the concrete jungle of the city. Though our bags were heavy, carrying all our food, water, tents and everything we would need to survive for the trips – the views at the top were absolutely incredible, with my personal favourite being Maclehose trail section 3.

The hikes themselves were very sweaty and even slightly bloody, but the camping afterwards was all fun and games. We usually had the whole afternoon to cook, play card games and sit around the campfire for hours. Overall, it was a sore but worthwhile experience that allowed us to bond with people from other groups outside of school.

Congratulations to students: Ella Bindley, Madeleine Dudman, Lizzy Kwok, Emily Kwok, Edwina Sze, Sophia McKenzie, Kelly Choy, Harrison Morgan, Justin Or, Chiara Prosser, Connor McGrath, Alex Milet, Matt Vermeulen for completing the hiking portion of AYP. A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Walker, Mr. White, Mr. Morgan and Miss Cilauro for assisting and helping out during the hike, as well as Mr. Skellern for preparing us for the hikes and organising everything.


Elizabeth Kwok | Year 10