[Student Report] Year 4 Arcade

On December the third, Year 4 students hosted the annual arcade game exhibition. I walked in through the flashy blue and red light gate entrance and was bombarded with astonishing arcade shells and games. I went to my group and set my game up. Then, the adults arrived. They were absorbed into the students’ arcade games. They smiled with delight as they tried all the entertainments and looked at all the code and electronics that the students used.

Soon after, millions of students, young and old alike flooded into the hall. Students shouted advertisements, all for the games. The hall was soon filled with cries of laughter and joy, as people won prizes and games. Even with the technical difficulties and hard games, everybody walked out happily at the end of the day. December the third was surely a day to remember!

James Goh | 4Y

Jasper’s experience

BEEP! The sounds of the arcade echoed through the auditorium as we were only just setting up our game, the Dodgy Duck. Everyone else’s games looked different from each other. They looked fabulous. I bet all of the parents that came were amazed at all the hard work people put in to make these. When the first people came in I was petrified but excited, but in the end, it turned out even better than I hoped.

Harry’s experience

The games were all great. I didn’t see the whole years arcade so when I saw the whole thing I knew it was going to be tiring looking at all the great games.

In the morning we had to move everything down to the auditorium and even though it was not our choice of spots, we just went with what we had. Cai, one of our teammates, was missing as he was sick, but Will, Jasper and I were still determined to put on a good display for everyone. We got some cool hats to wear and our game, The Dodgy Duck was really popular.

Will’s experience

The arcade games were so much fun. Everybody in Year 4 worked really hard to make their games as fun and exciting as they could for everybody that came. I enjoyed showing everyone our game called The Dodgy Duck. The experience was amazing and we all really recommend the arcade games for the Year 3’s that are going to do it next year.

Will Holt, Jasper Palfrey and Harry Knowling | 4W (or the members of the Dodgy Duck!)

As the doors opened to the dark and mysterious arcade, it was as if it was a fantasy. The parents walked in and saw our amazing innovative games. It was an awesome experience. There were Christmas games, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un games, Taco games, Unicorns and school related games. The options were limitless.

As everyone came in, the games arcade began to get more crowded and crowded and it was insane! Everyone was loving it. If you’re in year three or below, remember the games take time but when you’re done you will have the best time of your life!

Teariki and Xavier | 4M

Making the arcade game was really fun, some bits were more challenging than others but we still did it. Building the tray was a little tough, but we got through it in the end. It was exciting designing our structure and painting it, it was also amazing to build it. The coding was difficult, however, it was great to work together to finish the entire game. Overall, the experience was fantastic, and we would definitely do it again!

Hana, Aliyah, Keira and Samantha | 4K

On Monday, Year Four displayed their Arcade Games. It was really fun seeing all the people play the games. Everyone from Reception to Year 6, some secondaries, teachers, and even some parents came to play. We shared the jobs like helping people play and advertising our game to encourage people to come to our area. It was a loud and fun event. At the end of the day, we were exhausted from all the people visiting us, but we were proud of the end product.

Samuel, Louie, Conrad, Daniel E | 4K