Year 5 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 4


We have been spending time on beautiful language this term.  Students have shown such great clarity around alliteration, clauses, onomatopoeia, antonyms, synonyms and homophones, as well as increased skill in editing.  Classes are doing a variety of activities with figurative language, including writing text for a book with only illustrations, and poetry writing.  It has been fun to share these amongst the classes.


After a few weeks of concentrating on addition and subtraction of decimals, Year 5 has been having a great time with mapping and coordinates.  This lends itself to practical problem solving, with students having to make a short (hypothetical) trip between places in Australia and explain how they worked through the arrival time, allowing for both travel time and time differences.  Although our students are great travellers, many did not previously have a practical sense of how time differences might impact their travels.  Needless to say, this could be an area for great discussion if families are travelling over the December holiday.  A big thank you to parents who attended our two Maths problem-solving sessions this week!  We enjoyed seeing you and explaining some of the things we are doing in the classroom.


The School Fair is only days away now and excitement is building!  I know how hard the parents have been working on our lolly stall – Munchkin Munchies it is to be called.  This name stemmed from suggestions from all Year 5 students and then a vote.  Democracy (one of our current topics!) at its best!  Also, please note that Years 3 – 6 will be performing at the Fair at 12:30.  We would love to have full classes there for that, if at all possible. We will need some students to help on the day.  If your son / daughter is available and would like to help, they could sign up by following this link:   Thank you!


You may have noticed this screening mentioned in Dhanara.  It is taking place the evening of 15th November.  I know several of you spoke to me about this film and it certainly sounds like a good message.  Please do go to the link and register for it if you are interested.  Students over 10 years are invited to accompany their parents if the parents so wish.  We do a lot of work around cybersafety so I am looking forward to seeing how this may complement our programme.

Swimming Carnival

As in previous years, our Primary Swimming Carnival was a day to remember.  Thanks to the great organising by the PE Department, there were no hitches and everything went very smoothly.  Many records were broken by our Year 5 students and I know those statistics will eventually be published.  Congratulations to all students – those who train hard and are dedicated swimmers, but also to those who find swimming challenging.  Giving it a go and doing your best is all we hope for!  Awards Assembly is to be Wednesday, 7th November at 14:15 in the 6th Floor Gym.

Suzanne Sinclair | Head of Year 5