Year 4 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 6

Term Four Happenings

If you missed the Year Four multimedia exhibit at the School Fair on Saturday then please click here to some photos. Enjoy!

In Mathematics, students continue to work through the iMath investigations. They have just completed an investigation called ‘Aussie Adventures’ where they had to map out an adventure to visit some famous landmarks in Australia. Students needed to calculate the distances and convert them using the scale on the map. They looked at the actual road distances as well as using online tools. The final investigation they will complete is called ‘Fraction Fun’ where they will engage in a real-life experience with fractions and consolidate mathematical concepts. This investigation gives students the opportunity to plan a fraction party for the end of the year.

In English, students have begun working on an imaginative written composition around the theme of Journeys. They are innovating on an existing text by changing a variety of elements about the journey portrayed in the text. We are looking forward to reading these stories that will demonstrate students’ understanding of all the literary techniques we have explored this year.


Students have a few more weeks left to borrow books from the library. Please remind your child to check if they have any overdue books at home they need to return them as soon as possible.

Student Learning Journey

Students will continue to upload their learning onto the Seesaw platform as well as add tasks to their learning journey portfolio. We hope that you enjoy seeing your child’s growth and learning achievements. The learning journey will be sent home in the last week of school and school reports will be uploaded onto the Parent Lounge on the last day of school.


During the cooler months of November to April, students from Years 3-12 are required to wear their ties at all times and their blazers when travelling to and from school. These uniform expectations are in place from now until the end of the year.

Primary Girls (Yrs 3-6): Primary school dress with white school socks or black stockings with the blazer

Primary Boys (Yrs 3-6): long or short sleeved shirt with their shorts or trousers and black school socks with the tie and blazer

Dates for the diary

Monday 19 – 21 November Visual Arts Exhibition
Thursday 22 November Wakka Wakka Talent Show
Thursday 29 November Spelling Cup
Friday 30 November Year 6 Assembly
Monday 3 December Year 4 Games Arcade

10:30am – 12pm

Friday 7 December Festival of Song
Monday 10 December Jingle & Mingle Afternoon
Tuesday 11 December Speech Day
Wednesday 12 December Last Day of Term 4

Teacher Contact Details