Year 2 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 4

What’s Happening in Year 2 in Term 4?

Friday, 2 November Year 2 Excursion to Fanling Environmental Resource Centre
Monday, 12 November Year 2 Dental appointments for registered students only.
Friday, 16 November Early Childhood Athletics Carnival between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm @ Perth Street
Friday, 7 December The Final Early Childhood Assembly of 2018, hosted by Year 2
Monday, 10 December Jingle and Mingle Carols and BBQ on the field after school
Tuesday, 11 December Speech Day @ HK Baptist University
Wednesday, 12 December Last day of school for 2018, 12.00 pick-up

Learning Outside the Classroom

As all parents and teachers understand, much of our learning takes place inside the classroom…but hands-on learning outside of the classroom is also very important, not to mention fun and memorable. So, we are very excited about our excursion to the Fanling Environmental Resource Centre on Friday, 2 November. We have also enjoyed being out of the classroom exploring water sources around the school and doing a bit of jump jam.

 Learning in the Classroom

In class, we have continued to work on writing to persuade. We have been looking at vocabulary that is persuasive and some classes have been having Persuasion Battles, where the kids duel with each other to convince the rest of the class of their point of view. I’m sure you have plenty of experience of your child being persuasive!

Our work on rich problem-solving maths tasks also continues. The students are not only learning how to apply relevant maths strategies, but they are learning to build on their own knowledge by collaborating with others and listening to what they have to say. They are also learning to reflect on the challenging aspects of what we have been doing and the steps we could take to help us further understand and overcome those challenges. We also practice maths skills that are relevant to the learning task. By far, the most challenging aspect of problem solving is explaining your thinking. This is an ongoing journey and all of the kids will continue to build this skill as they move into Years 3-6. They have made a cracking start so far!


Thank you for coming to join us for our week 3 assembly. We hope the Water Cycle Song has finally left your brain. We know that it is sometimes difficult for parents to make assembly, and we do really appreciate the huge effort it often takes to get there to support the kids. If you couldn’t make it, I hope you can find your little person in our photos. You can’t help but love all those wee faces as they perform?

School Fair

The whole of Year 2 is working hard in preparation for the School Fair on 10 November. 2P and 2G have been busy organising the Ruby Slipper Tossing challenge, where you need to throw the sparkly ruby slipper through the hole into the wonderful world of Oz. You can see the wonderful world of Oz in our photos; thanks to our talented classroom assistants for helping to create it. And wait until you see the ruby slipper. Who doesn’t want a ruby slipper!

2F and 2S have been busy building tin men for our tin man competition. Ms Marsh very kindly judged, based on the set criteria. The students had to design, make and modify; they had to ensure it matched the criteria (eg height of between 50cm and 60cm; to stand by itself; to use at least 3 different shapes); they finally had to reflect on the challenges they faced and how they could improve the process and final product. She found it very difficult to choose a winner but made a decision in the end. The winning tin man (well done to Katelyn, Natasha, Vienna and Maria) is being used as a prototype to build the larger tin man that will be used in our game. Secondary students, Ryan Phillips and Oscar Chaplin, have kindly volunteered their skills and talents to make the bigger version for the fair. You will also be able to see some of our little tin men on the day. Our game will involve giving the tin man a heart, so kids will Throw A Heart in the Tin Man.  We can’t wait to see you all there!

As always, you can contact us by email or via the diaries if you have any questions or relevant news to share.

Have a lovely weekend.