Year 1 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 6

Firstly, we would like to thank all our dedicated Year One parents for their help and assistance with our school fair and our Year One stalls.  Both the “Over the Rainbow Hair Salon” and “Friendship Bracelet” stalls were a huge success made possible by our many parent helpers.  We hope you all enjoyed the day!


What types of punctuation and fonts do authors use?

Over the last fortnight, Year One students have examined The Brothers Quibble written by Aaron Blabey. We considered how authors use different punctuation and fonts to help convey messages within stories. Spalding Quibble is a character with mixed feelings after the arrival of a new baby brother called Bunny! We discussed the types of font and punctuation Aaron Blabey included in his book and words that he used instead of ‘said’ to indicate how a character may be speaking or feeling.

Camera Words

Term 4 continue to revise all 36 camera words to ensure quick recognition and correct spelling.


“Great! You have shown your answer one way…can you show me another?”

In Mathematics, students have been focussing on subtraction and the importance of showing their thinking in a variety of ways. Problem solving allows students to apply their number knowledge to real life situations and requires students to think critically about mathematical concepts

Here is an example of an open-ended problem students have examined:

Robert has 21 teeth. He has 10 teeth at the top and 11 teeth at the bottom. The dentist said he will lose two teeth when he is 6 years old. Show which teeth Robert might lose.


I’m here, what’s over there?

We hope you enjoyed our Year One Assembly last Friday where we showcased our investigations into our local places, as well as places over in Australia.  During the last two weeks students have looked at what a city looks like and what people may do within a city.  We have begun drawing comparisons with local fishing villages and the activities that may occur on local waterways.


Year One students have been learning research and library specific skills during Library. This fortnight students read different Dreamtime stories in small groups.  Students discussed the messages they share, and identified natural features and landscapes found within the stories.


Miss Meg has shown us the types of animals students may sometimes behave like. When students can identify if their behaviour is like that of a tiger, turtle or owl, they can determine whether that behaviour is suitable in different situations.

Judith Belmont, MS,

 Dates to remember

  • Week 7
    • Year One Dentist Visit (only for students previously registered)– Tuesday 20th November
  • Week 10
    • Jingle and Mingle Carols & BBQ – Monday 10th December
    • Speech day – Tuesday 11th December
    • Final day of Term 4 – Wednesday 12th December (Midday finish)


Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Miss Smith and Mrs Toufeili