Year 1 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 4


How do we create characters?

Year One students have been exploring this question by discussing characters in literature by Aaron Blabey. Over the last fortnight, we have been considering how Sunday Chutney is depicted through actions and emotions. Sunday is a complex character with many likes, dislikes and feelings. Year One students thought about how they may be depicted in a story if they were the main character and compared heroic and villainous characters.

Camera Words

Term 4 will focus on revising all 36 camera words to ensure quick recognition and correct spelling.


**If the teachers can’t read numbers, how can you show your thinking and prove your working out?**

In Mathematics, students have been focussing on the importance of showing their thinking in a variety of ways, including eliminating the use of numbers. They considered problems, discussed their ideas and represented their working using materials from the room (blocks, counters, pencils..) and drawing.

Thank you so those parents who made it to the Mathematics Workshop on Tuesday or Wednesday. We hope you found it informative and you gained an understanding of the approach to mathematics being taken at AISHK.


I’m here, what’s over there?

Year One students have been busy defining and recognising natural, managed and constructed features of the environment around them. It has been great to hear students discussing what features they can see around the school and around their homes.


Year One students have been learning research and library specific skills during Library. This fortnight students began to explore dreamtime stories of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


               I feel….

               When you…

               And I’d like…

Miss Meg has encouraged students to express their feelings using ‘I statements’. These statements give students the language to tell others what they are feeling.

It has been fabulous to see students across early childhood using this strategy when approaching disagreements in the playground and classroom. We have learned about how we are inside, but being mindful about how we are with others is the key to unlocking social relationships.

Dates to remember

  • Week 5
    • Year One Assembly – Friday 9th November at 8:30am in the auditorium
    • AISHK Fair – Saturday 10th November
  • Week 7
    • Early Childhood Athletics Carnival – Friday 16th November
    • Early Childhood Assembly (hosted by Prep)
  • Week 10
    • Jingle and Mingle Carols & BBQ – Monday 10th December
    • Speech day – Tuesday 11th December
    • Final day of Term 4 – Wednesday 12th December (Midday finish)

Miss Beange

Mrs McCarthy

Miss Smith

Mrs Toufeili