AISHK Volleyballers Reaching New Heights in Shanghai

It was the first event of the new ACAMIS season and 15 of our highly skilled and passionate Under 20 volleyballers were competing against some exceptional competition in Shanghai. Under the guidance of Ms Knight and Ms Sitthitheerarat, our boys’ and girls’ teams won the hearts and minds of the competition by playing a unique and aggressive style of volleyball that many had never seen before!

While the competition was strong, both teams braved the talented opposition with amazing team work, persistence and perseverance. The girls’ team was exceptional with many of our players qualifying for the next few years whilst the boys team gelled together to take the most points off the eventual champions, all while showing genuine care for each other. What was most pleasing was seeing both teams maintaining a sense of enjoyment while under pressure and knowing each other’s role on the team.

Congratulations to Ivy Kwok and Temana Short who were selected for the girls’ and boys’ team of the tournament and a special congratulations to inspirational students, William Olliffe and Kok Yong Oon who were pivotal in forming the squads, motivating and maintaining the training with Mr Campbell, Mr Carter, Ms Knight and Ms Sitthitheerarat.

It was a pleasure to witness the rejuvenation of ACAMIS Volleyball at AISHK this year with high hopes of further success in years to come.

Squad lists as follows:

Boys Team
1 Daniel Stapleton 9 J
2 Cooper Bath 10 W
3 Connor McGrath 10 W
4 Lachlan Dunne 11 E
5 Kok Yong Oon 11 E
6 William Olliffe 11 H
7 Ryan Van Beers 11 H
8 Patrick Reed 11 J
9 Temana Short 11 W
Girls Team
1 Emily Busby 8 J
2 India Knowling 8 J
3 Charli Evans 9 W
4 Ivy Kwok 10 J
5 Keely Shirley 11 E
6 Harshita Sodhi 11 H

Peter Wooden | Director of Sports and Activities