We’re off to see the Wiz… Visual Arts & Design Exhibition at the 2018 School Fair!

The AISHK school fair is a perfect opportunity for students to show their skills outside of the classroom and engage with the wider community. This year the Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) department participated in a range of activities that contributed to the lively and creative atmosphere of the fair.

The auditorium was the stage for the secondary visual arts exhibition displaying pieces of artworks created by many of our students. The quality of ideas and techniques presented in their artwork was truly outstanding. Exhibiting their artwork helps students realise that their work is highly valued and appreciated.

To reach a point of realisation in their artmaking, students had to understand and apply a variety of analytical and creative techniques to solve problems. Students learnt attributes such as persistence, observation and risk taking in their exploration of materials and techniques and were able to employ a range of conventions including codes, symbols and signs to reflect their understanding of the world. Their artwork was displayed to allow the audience to interpret and appreciate it.

In the atrium, there was several Design & Technology related activities. Years 7 and 8 Food Technology students batch produced sweets and cakes for purchase; beautifully packaged with students’ original graphic design and branding. Year 7 Product Design students produced a systems design activity where fair attendees were invited to paint and decorate flat-pack kits. Year 8 Product Design students partook of an enterprise activity where students designed, made, packaged, marketed and sold flat-packable kits. Some students sold out! Years 9 and 10 students had a range of fair design briefs to choose from: wearable accessory enterprise, large scale installation, and manufacturing for school service. Did you catch the huge “Yellow Brick Roadside Diner” LED sign? That was the work of a group of Year 9 Product Design students!

The school fair was a perfect way for the TAS department to round off the year, as TAS won’t be back in 2019.  Instead, we’re rebranding as the Department of Creative Industries with brand new facilities for Visual Arts, Product Design & IT in 2019.

Commencing on December 1st, the department will be shut for major refurbishment and building works. The new build will have two new Visual Art studios, two new Product Design workshops, a machine room with new equipment, an Art & Design library, a creative collaboration room, and an IT suite / makerspace with new, modern resources. It is a huge investment and we’re very excited to be able to provide the AISHK community with new modern spaces to support creativity.

The school fair is a major event for the AISHK Parents’ Association, and they have provided funding for some of the new equipment for the machine room. This includes a new plastics recycling machine which will recycle bottles and make new sheet materials which can be laser cut. This will provide students with sustainable design opportunities, and will save money on resources and materials too.

We hope that fair attendees enjoyed seeing the students’ work as much as they enjoyed creating it. We look forward to participating in more AISHK community projects when the new Department of Creative Industries is fully established.

Special thanks to all of the TAS staff for their hard work in making the school fair an amazing event for all!

Christina Carini | Head of TAS

Danny Freer | Teacher, ICT & Design

Nancy Mitchell | Food Technology Teacher

Glenn Morgan | Design & Technology Teacher

Amanda Sze | Visual Arts Teacher

Narelle Cridland | Specialist Teacher – Visual Arts (Primary)

Hopkins, Anne

Anne Hopkins | Primary Visual Arts Teacher