[Head of School Message] Minor Uniform Modifications & Containment Drill


After discussion with the students and members of the PA we have decided to make some minor modifications to the school uniform. At Secondary Assembly on Wednesday I explained that as a significant amount of money has been invested in the past few years in designing and then stocking the existing uniform it is not possible to completely change the current uniform. However, it is possible for us to make some additions and minor modifications, based on the feedback from students, to make the uniform more comfortable and practical.


From next year the Secondary girls may wear the Primary dress. We will order suitable sizes for the older girls.

Currently Secondary girls may wear the boys’ shorts but we will get dress shorts designed specifically for the girls and when these are in stock we will let families know.

Just as the boys currently have to wear trousers for formal events girls will be expected to wear the black skirt for formal events.

We understand that the girls’ shirt sleeve is also uncomfortable and we have asked our supplier if the sleeve can be modified but unfortunately this is not possible. Therefore, once our current stocks have been depleted then we have asked our supplier to redesign the sleeve so that it is not capped. We have also asked our supplier to investigate the possibility of making the girls’ shirt in a slightly thicker material so that it is not so transparent.


The current jumper is for the boys and the cardigan is for the girls. Moving forward the jumper and cardigan may be worn by either the boys or the girls depending on what they choose.


From mid next year we will have the option for parents to purchase a new dri-fit style House shirt.  We will also no longer be requiring the students to wear separate white PE shirts for PE and House coloured shirts for Sport. The students will only need to wear a new dri-fit coloured House shirt for both PE and Sport lessons. The current House shirts may be worn until you need to buy your child a new one.


The current cotton Early Childhood polo shirt will be replaced with a lighter dri-fit style of polo shirt which will be cooler and quicker drying. Again, the existing cotton polo shirts may be worn until you need to buy your child a new one.

I hope that the changes will make life a little cooler and more comfortable for our students.


Our key priority at all times is to ensure that our staff, students and visitors are as safe as possible whilst on Campus. To achieve this, it is important that we ensure staff and students are familiar with and practice the different types of safety drills which we need to be prepared for. We have previously successfully practiced our Fire Drill with the behaviour of our students being excellent during this drill. The other type of safety drill we will be practicing on Tuesday 20 November at 1:45 pm is our Containment Drill. I am sharing this information so that you are not alarmed when you hear that we had a Containment drill at school and if your child comes home talking about this, as they will be prepared for the drill before it happens.

A Containment Procedure (in some schools called a lockdown) is enacted if there is an intruder on Campus or just outside the Campus, a member of the school community is acting dangerously on Campus, there is a Chemical or gas leak outside the Campus or for any reason when children might need to be contained in their classrooms.

Essentially during Containment all students and teachers are to stay in their classrooms, doors are locked, windows closed and blinds drawn, everyone stays down low, out of sight, in silence and no phones can be used. Please be ensured that this will be explained in a very sensitive way to the students so that they are not alarmed or frightened. You could reinforce these discussions at home.

It is standard procedure to practice a Containment Drill so that we are all prepared and that our community is safe in the event of possible danger. Thank you for your understanding with this.

Mark Hemphill | Head of School