[Event Recap] 2018 AISHK Fair


Last weekend on a sunny Saturday, AISHK opened its green gates to a wave of guests for a truly magical School Fair.

Themed along the lines of the beloved musical and 2018 Performing Arts Musical production The Wizard of Oz, the AISHK grounds had, literally overnight, transformed into a warm and whimsical arena for fun-seekers of all ages.

Much like a journey along the Yellow Brick Road, the Fair meandered from morning to evening with twists, turns and adventure around every corner.

Endless entertainment was on offer from the AISHK Rock Band, Vocal Ensembles and Orchestra, and our guest parent performers, The Poolcleaners and DJ Red. Evidently AISHK has got talent, as students and parents also gladly took up the opportunity to showcase their star quality on stage through the first-ever AISHK LipSync Battle. Congratulations to all performances on the day!

In another first, students, staff and parents worked together to create the best kept secret of the year – the Flashmob! A surprise and gift to guests on the day, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Click here for a trip down memory lane.

The fair also kept everyone going with plentiful refreshments through the stunning Year 6 Yellow Brick Roadside Diner, the tempting Year 5 Aussie Lollies stall, a selection of Sausage Sizzle delights, Bistro by Castelo Concepts and the bustling Red Poppy Pub.

Things didn’t stop on the field, with the 4th Floor Gym housing a plethora of commercial stalls, the delectable cake stall and activities for all. Our students’ outstanding work was on display around school, particularly on the 2nd Floor with Art, Design Technology and STEAM projects on show.

Through our collective efforts, the 2018 Fair has raised $801,000 – all of which will go towards the enhancements of the learning and teaching environments of the school. This is a tremendous effort from our school community!

A thank you to all Class Parent Representatives, class teachers, students and all staff for their tireless efforts towards the event.

To the Parent Association, thank you for your hours dedicated to the planning for this unforgettable event. This year’s  Fair Committee was ably lead by Veronica Monaci, Parent Association President along with Kath Camilleri, Kitty Wong, Shelley Makin, Donna Butler, Camille O’Connor, Caitlin Cotter, Anna Plunkett, Georgi Oxley, Meredyth Davies, Leanne Henderson and Katrina Zervaas.

We also take this opportunity to thank our Fair and raffle sponsors who, along with many of our commercial stall vendors, added to the success of this event.

Qantas Fun Facts Challenge Winner announcement! Congratulations to Oskar Tremethick who answered all 15 questions correct at the Qantas sponsor booth at the Fair. You have won a model B787 Dreamliner plane and we will be in contact with you on how to collect your prize.

And last but certainly not least, thank you, our community for giving of your time and for choosing to spend your Saturday with us at the Emerald City of AISHK.

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