AISHK Swim Team Have a Successful Month

Firstly, in September, AISHK held their first home swim meet of the year. We had 7 schools participate in the both Junior and Senior home meet this year, plus we were lucky to have Speedo sponsor the meet. This meant that all AISHK team swimmers got a Speedo sponsored team shirt, which made all the students proud. With our school swimming pool being quite packed, the atmosphere was electrifying and the races were all very close. We managed to get through over 70 races in 2 hours and all the schools that featured included: Renaissance College, Yew Chung, Nord Anglia, Kellett Kowloon Bay, Discovery Bay College, Discovery Bay International, and American International School. We are excited to announce that AISHK were the overall winners of the meet by a convincing 1300 points. Congratulations goes to all who took part in the meet.

U16 & U20 Boys & Girls Swimming Team –ISSFHK AISHK Senior Home Meet (Sept-7)

During the school term break, we took the Secondary Swimming Team to the HKSSF swim meet (Division3 Kowloon2) at Kowloon Park swimming pool. We had around 19 swimmers participate in the meet and they all swam well. It was a very successful event for our team as many of our swimmers managed to break their personal best records as well as winning some awards. Here are the prizes AISHK took home:

Boys A Grade Champion

Boys B Grade Champion

Girls B Grade Champion

Boys Overall Second (out of 32 Kowloon area Secondary Schools)

A special shout out to Temana Short and Lorraine Tang carved the field up with some outstanding swims (2 individual gold medals)

AISHK Secondary School Swimming Team – HKSSF (D3K2) Secondary Swim Meet (Oct-5)

On Tuesday 9 Oct and Thursday 11 Oct, AISHK participated in the ISSFHK swim meet located at Harrows International School in Tuen Mun. We had some new swimmers join the team and they performed extremely well, as they managed to break some personal best times. AISHK dominated the meet, and both Junior and Senior Swim Team claimed the overall championship.

U12 & U14 Boys and Girls Swimming Team – ISSFHK Harrows Junior Mini Meet (Oct-9)

U16 & U20 Boys and Girls Swimming Team – ISSFHK Harrows Senior Mini Meet (Oct-11)

Eric Yeung | ECA Co-ordinator / Swim Program Manager