Guest Speaker Talks with IB Business Management Students

The IB Business Management students were provided with an insight into the world of corporate finance, financial restructuring, and cash flow.  We were joined by Rose Kehoe who is a director for Zolfo Cooper China.  Rose has a great depth of experience in corporate finance and restructuring advisory in Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

The discussion covered many areas and Rose was able to provide many valuable insights into the specific role that she plays in helping a business to turnaround critical situations or face up to the inevitability of liquidation.  Of particular interest was that for a turnaround to occur, a company must be open to changes in management, and be proactive in developing and implementing problem-solving strategies.

We also developed our understanding of the significance of cash or credit businesses, the role accounts receivable plays in the life of a business, and the overall importance of working capital.  Of particular interest to Hong Kong was the role that rent plays in affecting a company’s cash flow.

The students were thoroughly engaged with the discussion, and with the forthcoming IB Business Management examinations in mind, they left the discussion armed with lots of valuable insights that will help them navigate their way through the Business Management exam.


Nelson, Ian

Ian Nelson | HSIE Teacher