ICAS English and Maths Results

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved a Credit, Distinction or a High Distinction in the recent ICAS English and Maths tests:

First Name Surname Test Year Group Result
Jeremy Cheung English 3B Credit
Valerie Leung English 3B Credit
Holly Moore English 3B Credit
Peter Phillips English 3B Credit
Grace Taylor English 3B Credit
Cayden Chan English 3F Credit
Thomas Boyd English 3H Credit
Teresa Cheung English 3H Credit
Lachlan Boss English 3M Credit
Conrad Hung Yiu Lo English 4K Credit
Daniel McNeill English 4K Credit
Marcus Leung English 4M Credit
Mila Zervaas English 4M Credit
Nicholas Camo English 4W Credit
Daniel Hei Kiu Lee English 4Y Credit
Tallis Wilson English 4Y Credit
Matilda Dear English 5A Credit
Ava Ki English 5P Credit
Cheyenne Liu English 5P Credit
Lucas Shen English 5P Credit
Jessica Phillips English 5S Credit
Dylan Voyles English 5S Credit
Charlie Ware English 5S Credit
Aurora Aranez English 6B Credit
Audrey Kwok English 6B Credit
Samuel Sun Kiu Lee English 6B Credit
Quincy Dawson English 6L Credit
Zoe Leung English 6L Credit
Jiwoo Seo English 6R Credit
Marcus Mo English 3F Credit
Isaac Cheng English 4Y Credit
Alexander Goh English 4Y Credit
Summer Hartnett English 4Y Credit
Henry Wong English 3B Distinction
Emily Chang English 3F Distinction
Angus Fung English 3F Distinction
Kylie Hui English 3F Distinction
Valerie Dy English 4W Distinction
Jasper Palfrey English 4W Distinction
Jia Ying Luo English 4Y Distinction
Petra Ng English 4Y Distinction
Anna Jerdan English 6D Distinction
Kirsten Tran English 6L Distinction
Kyra Tsang English 3H Distinction
Adabelle Shen English 3B High Distinction
Ryan Kai Yuen Liu English 5C High Distinction
Holly Moore Maths 3B Credit
Peter Phillips Maths 3B Credit
Adabelle Shen Maths 3B Credit
Henry Wong Maths 3B Credit
Angus Fung Maths 3F Credit
Marcus Mo Maths 3F Credit
Jaimee Leung Maths 3H Credit
Kyra Tsang Maths 3H Credit
Lachlan Mattner Maths 4K Credit
Daniel McNeill Maths 4K Credit
Nicholas Camo Maths 4W Credit
Valerie Dy Maths 4W Credit
George Luo Maths 4W Credit
Jasper Palfrey Maths 4W Credit
Eddie Wei Maths 4W Credit
Karen Choy Maths 4Y Credit
Charlie Dawson Maths 4Y Credit
Summer Hartnett Maths 4Y Credit
Alexander Camilleri Maths 5A Credit
Joshua Chow Maths 5A Credit
Nathan Loui Maths 5A Credit
Albert Wang Maths 5A Credit
Benjamin Miles Maths 5C Credit
Emma Tohill Maths 5C Credit
Remi Apostolopoulos Maths 5S Credit
Maxine Tsang Maths 5S Credit
Aavni Ahuja Maths 6D Credit
Leighton Tang Maths 6D Credit
Kelly Cheung Maths 6L Credit
Quincy Dawson Maths 6L Credit
Ethan Leung Maths 6L Credit
Zoe Leung Maths 6L Credit
Chloe Loh Maths 6L Credit
Alton Qiu Maths 6L Credit
Kirsten Tran Maths 6L Credit
Jiwoo Seo Maths 6R Credit
Cooper Glanville Maths 3F Distinction
Thomas Boyd Maths 3H Distinction
Jadon Chin Ko Lau Maths 3H Distinction
Samuel Chen Maths 4K Distinction
Marcus Chan Maths 4M Distinction
Lucas Cheng Maths 4M Distinction
Michael Kwan Maths 4M Distinction
Teariki Short Maths 4M Distinction
Aiden Sun Maths 4W Distinction
Alexander Goh Maths 4Y Distinction
Daniel Hei Kiu Lee Maths 4Y Distinction
Jia Ying Luo Maths 4Y Distinction
Ryan Kai Yuen Liu Maths 5C Distinction
Trissie Wong Maths 5C Distinction
Lachlan Chui Maths 5P Distinction
Ruishuang Fu Maths 5P Distinction
Lucas Shen Maths 5P Distinction
Jayden Fung Maths 6B Distinction
Adam Chan Maths 6D Distinction
Anna Jerdan Maths 6D Distinction