Move over IKEA – Year 7 students are the new “flatpack” engineers in town.

The year 7 students have been happily making “flatpack” prototypes in the last week as they endeavour to design a product kit that can be sold at the school fair later this year.

The investigation has been practical and they have explored how flatpacks are assembled and the types of joints that are used in simple toys and practical objects. They are now moving into a project proposal stage in which they will make a product concept pitch to their classmates to decide which products will go into “commercial production” for the fair. Once the final projects have been selected, the class will move into batch production teams to construct the designs and package them ready for sale. The whole process is another excellent example of design thinking in action and solving problems by making practical design iterations. Mistake making and risk taking in design is encouraged so that novel and unique designs can be produced.

We are all very proud of the design students for accepting this challenge attempting to engineer flatpack structures.  Please enjoy the pictures of the students’ early prototyping work on a chimera, which is a combination of two animals.

Glen Morgan | TOK Coordinator, DT Teacher